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Do you tend to let science come in "last place" in your homeschool?  

I must admit, rather sheepishly, that I have done just that.   We are dilligent about nature study and fun experiments here and there, but now that I have a child who is approaching the middle grades I feel like we should be focusing more on the "meat" of science. 

 Enter Physics for the Grammar Stage, published by Elemental Science.  

Learning about physics from a CLASSICAL perspective has been the perfect fit for my children.  We are firm believers in NARRATION, COPYWORK, and a very structured approach to learning.  


The Basics of Physics for The Grammar Stage:


  This curriculum is a full 36-week set of plans for physics.  It is designed for your 4th and 5th graders, but it can be customized UP or DOWN.   (My first grader has been learning with my fifth grader!).   18 weeks are devoted to both earth science and astronomy.

The plans for your children include vocabulary, experiments, readings, narrations, and scientist biographies.  Either a 2 or 5 day schedule for assignments is included.   {We have adapted this to 3 currently... as I said before, the program is FLEXIBLE.)

The student pages are simple and make SENSE.  My children will listen to a reading in the Usborne Science Encyclopedia and then will narrate what they have learned.  They will paste vocabulary cards into their notebooks and define terms.  Then, there will be an experiment to reinforce the concept they have learned.  


Our first experiment:  Which weighs more - Hot or Cold Air? 


 A suggested list of books and resources is given in your teacher's guide.   I appreciate that it is laid out by unit so I know what I will need in advance.   I did go ahead and purchase two books for with this program... The Usborne Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia and Physics Experiments for Children.   All other books I have reserved from the library.  

You can do more or less from the lessons given.  I've found my children wanting to do more experiments, and this program allows me to fuel their curiosity.    

I added the "States of Matter Poem" (suggested below) for copywork and memorization... because I have one child that loves copywork.   


Our Impressions of Physics for The Grammar Stage:


 The materials were laid out in a very undertandable and logical fashion.   My children liked the predictabiliy of  reading, narration, notebooking, experiments, etc...    The experiments were quick and meaningful and didn't require much that we didn't already have in our house.


 I liked being able to view the teacher's plans on my computer and know EXACTLY what was coming next.  I could be scripted when that was called for, and then allow for some deeper exploration with optional experiments, memory work, and readings.   

I LOVE how Elemental Science has incorporated biographies of scientists, too!  

We intend to continue this program little by little throughout the summer and then resume full force once the fall is here.  This will round out our homeschool and I feel CERTAIN my children are receiving a solid science education.


Most of all, I was happy to see my oldest (10) trying experiments on her own that were in the recommended experiment books.   I've seen a love of science spark in her that I have not seen before.  As a homeschooling mom there is no greater joy than this.  



How to Order & Pricing:


Elemental Science ~ Physics for the Grammar Stage comes in two formats:


  1. Digital Version/includes Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook, Quizzes, and Notebook Cover - $16.50
  2. Printed Version/8x10 bound books of the Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook - $27.48


*I received a Digital Version for review.  With this version I can print as we go and only print what we will need.    The bound editions would be nice -- might save me some time with printing, etc....   This just depends upon how much preparation you want to do for these lessons.   Every mom is different!   

I am thankful to have science "checked off" for the next several months.  Elemental Science is a welcome addition to our homeschool!


{Be sure to visit Maureen’s blog review from yesterday to learn more about Early Years Curriculum for K4/K5.}


Does all of this look interesting to you?  You are in luck!   Enter today to win a digital copy of Elemental Science ~ Physics for the Grammar Stage!   This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, June 12th at midnight.

Leave me a comment - do you feel like you do "enough" science in your homeschool?

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