An Interest-Led Week ~ Collage Friday


In many ways this week has resembled what (in my heart) I think all of our homeschool weeks should be like:  lots of reading, interest led learning, and creativity.  I've also been making a concerted effort to really take care of myself, which lends for less micro-management of my children and more freedom for them.   This is a GOOD thing.  

My mom gave Miss B a bottle collection the last time we visited.   I must say - collecting bottles is pretty cool.  We have said that we'll be on the lookout for more going forward!  Ever since we started watching American Pickers our whole family has been very interested in finding treasures!   


Ahhh... the stack of books that has been read this week. Yes. All of these have been read. I created a reading log for my kids (download it here) and challenged them to READ!  I've also started reading the first book in the Harry Potter series to them.  Miss B has read the books multiple times, but this is a first reading for GMan and (GASP) myself.  I am loving every minute of it.  I realize the controversy that surrounds these books, so if you don't read them, let's just agree to disagree, ok?  

We've also gone through a stack of picture books each evening before bed with GMan.  I am realizing that the days are FAST approaching where I won't have little children to cuddle up with me at bedtime to read stories.   Our time with our children is so short and I'm trying to squeeze in as many wonderful read-alouds as I can.  

The mailman brought something wonderful - a Music for Little Learners Kit!   I am so very excited to be using this with GMan.   The kit is designed to help young children learn to play the piano.   It is SO WELL DONE - the creator of this has put her heart and soul into making each kit and I'm anxious to share more with you in the coming weeks!  

I mentioned taking better care of myself.   This is something I have needed to do for the past three years.   I've been walking each morning (loving the White Flag CD!) before the kids get up.  I've also been using the LoseIt! app on my iPhone to keep track of exercise, calories, and just for inspiration in general.   I want to have more energy and be more physically active for my kids.  Granted, right now I'm hungry and tired, but I hope this will get better..... right???    Did you read Kris' post about the Homeschool Mom's Body?  It spoke to me this week.  

Swim lessons began this week.  The kids have taken lessons from the same wonderful woman for the past four years.   Miss B is on a synchronized swimming team and GMan does general swimming and diving.   We're so lucky to have a loving, Christian teacher (who just lives 5 minutes from our house!).  
One evening Miss B decided she wanted to make coffee filter flowers. She Googled some directions and did the whole thing start to finish by herself.   We have been learning about RATIOS in math - and this was a good chance for her to practice:  3 tablespoons of water to 4 drops of food coloring.  She, however, tripled this and came up with 9 tablespoons water to 12 drops of food coloring.    She put the finished flowers on skewers and sprayed them with perfume and gave the arrangment to her piano teacher.   I thought this was rather clever of her.   
Add in a day at the movies with homeschool friends and another day of swimming with neighborhood friends and it has been a FULL week.  
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