Fifteen is a GOOD Number


Fifteen years ago today I married a man I loved.  I had known him for just two years.   We were so young and knew so little about each other, really.

By the grace of God, this was THE man for me.   I have no doubt that God knows the paths of our lives before they unfold and He knew just the perfect husband to give to me.  

It is something I am thankful for each and every day.  

This week I have been thinking a lot about my marriage.   My kids are attending a music camp and I am teaching in that camp... it is taking place in the same church where Hal and I were married fifteen years ago.   


On the day of our anniversary I will be listening to an organ concert - played by the same organist that played for our wedding - in the same church - walking down that same aisle to get to the front of the sanctuary.   What a gift.



I have no dramatic stories for you.  What I do have, however, is a story of a faithful, solid man - who learned what marriage meant from his mom and dad.

My husband and I dated for two years and then we were married.   We knew after a short time into our dating that there would never be anyone else in our lives.   

I  have a story of love and committment, and a story of knowing that NO MATTER what happens in our lives we will be there for each other and our children.    

I'm wondering if THESE stories get celebrated as they should?  My husband's parents were married nearly 50 years before his mother passed away.  My parents have been married 52 years.   These are stories worth celebrating, and I'm so blessed that my own life story is unfolding in a similar way.   

Marriage MATTERS.  

Strong, Godly, and faithful marriages matter.

Sticking with your spouse, even when times get difficult, MATTERS.   

Learning that your spouse has flaws {and so do YOU}, MATTERS.

Complimenting and praising your husband MATTERS.  

After fifteen years of marriage, I have learned that hard work, love, compromise, a reliance on God, and teamwork, MATTER.

As a little friend of ours said to me this week, "Are you hoping to reach 60 years of marriage?"

You bet I am!