Jesus is Born! In July?

This has been the scene this week - all things Christmas... and music.   It's been such a wonderful experience for the children and I.... Christmas in July music camp! 

For the kids, it's great to give them a concentrated week of music and arts instruction.  For myself, it's good to bone up on my group teaching skills and also catch a little bit of time to myself when I'm not in class! 

Each day the children have bells, Orff instruments, choir, art, dance, and a special performance.  Extra activities include a talent show, Friday afternoon showcase performance, and plenty of time with friends.


This weekend my husband and I are leaving for some much needed time to ourselves.  I'm very very grateful to friends from our church that will be keeping the kids while we are away.   Once I return next week I'll have a few days to plan and then we will be off and running on July 24 for the first day of school.

Did you see the 10 Reasons Why I'm Excited About This School Year?  

Now, for this week's collages:


1.  These are the campers I took with me each day.   The drive from where we live to the church was about an hour each way.   I'm glad a couple of friends from our own church were able to join us.   They all had fun together.

2.  These are ORFF Instruments.   It was fun to teach this class all week long.   My days of teaching public school music quickly came back to me!

3.  One day we heard a string quartet made up of players from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  

4.  Another day we heard a Jazz trio - playing Christmas music.  Very nice!

5.  One of the pieces the kids will play on their final concert is a Chinese carol.   Playing the chimes and gong has been a favorite.

6.  Miss B wanted to do something for the homeless that we see each day as we travel into Atlanta.  She packed "Manna Bags" and we gave them to the woman who organizes the soup kitchen at the church.  She was so appreciative and gave Miss B a huge hug.   My girl has such a big heart and I love that she notices people around her that are in need.  


My favorite part of the week was the organ presentation.   My friend Sarah (who is pictured here) played the organ for my wedding and is still at this church.  She is a phenomonal organist and it never ceases to amaze me how the organ mesmerizes the children, too.   I just closed my eyes and thought, "God is so amazing!"

We took a field trip to park with fountains.  What fun!!   As the group stood for their picture, the senior pastor (with his arms in the air!) said "Remember your baptism!".   Love that!

After a very full week I've come to some big conclusions:

1.  I am SO THANKFUL I can teach my kids at home.  Running the "rat race" for just a week has worn me out.  Having everyone up and out of the house by 7:15 each morning and not getting home until at least 5 is exhausting.   I see how it leaves you VERY LITTLE time with your children.  If I was working full time and sending my kids to school I have glimpse of what my life would be like.  

2.  I am a musician at heart.  I have other titles... homeschool mom, blogger, etc...  I love music so much and am aware it is a gift from GOD which we need to appreciate and cultivate.

3.  I can't WAIT for this weekend with my husband! I wrote about how 15 is a GOOD NUMBER earlier this week... 

4.  I am in prayer for my church right now - we are very new and in the midst of a pastor search.  I am praying for discernment and guidance for our church family.  



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