Hard Work and Accomplishment


Each summer for the past four years my children have participated in a summer swim program.   

We are blessed with a swim teacher that loves each and every one of her students.  It is a supportive, caring environment and my children look forward to the summers because it means they get to spend time with Miss Betsie.

For my daughter, Anna, this is a particularly great activity.   It is a skill she practices twice a week, working towards a goal, staying physically active.  She loves swimming, but not the competitive end of it (we tried swim team and she just didn't like the atmosphere... synchronized swimming is much better for her). 

Each summer culminates with a show.  My daughter is on a synchronized team that performs to a piece of music.  My son is part of a regular swim class, and each of those children perform a dive and swim the length of the pool.

It's something I don't ever want to forget, so I document it here.  

Proud Grant after his swim... when we started this four years ago he didn't know HOW to swim. 


The littlest synchronized swimmers - love the American flag.

This is a contented smile from Anna.  She has some difficult sections that were performed without a hitch. It's also been a summer of growth and change for her... growing so much is sometimes wonderful and difficult all at the same time.  It makes me happy to see her smile.  

We're already signed up to swim next summer!   

Is there a special activity your children enjoy each summer?