A Devotional for My Little Guy

My "little guy" really isn't so little anymore.   He's seven, and growing up in so many ways.   

He watches everything his eleven year old sister does, and wants to many things in school just like her.   Bible study time is no different.  

He watches her doing an independent Bible study, and has been asking me to do the same.   He's read through My First Devotional (from Tommy Nelson) last year and loved his special time each evening.  


How serendipitous that just as I was searching for a new devotional for him that a package arrived from Thomas Nelson!   In it we found:  


The Hide & Seek Devotional has been a welcome addition to our daily routine - something my son looks forward to each morning.   

About The Devotional: 


Age range: 5-7  (I bet you could use it with slightly younger or older children)

The book consists of 52 stories (26 Old Testament and 26 New Testament stories)... laid out as "The A to Z" of each testament.   

Each devotion contains devotions, verses, and prayers.

In addition, there is also a link included with the book to a website with recordings (done by Kirk Cameron) of the devotions and fun, catchy songs each day, too!

It is available from Thomas Nelson for $16.99 (hardcover)

Why We Like The Devotional:


Each morning my son gets his book and plugs his headphones into my laptop.  He goes right to the website and listens to the devotion for the day.   I've even caught him going back so he can listen to some of the previous songs!

It is short, sweet, and meaningful.   I review the memory verses with him throughout the day.

It takes into account different learning styles - some children may be visual and some may be auditory.  

There is a scripture memorization checklist at the back of the book that we are working on - great for everyone in our family to memorize these verses - not just Grant! 


See for yourself what a beautiful book this is:

Win This Devotional


 Would you like to win a copy of The Hide & Seek Devotional for a young child in your home?  

Simply leave me a comment telling me what way your child learns best - are they an auditory or visual learner? Please be sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you when you win.

This giveaway will be open until Sunday, August 19th at midnight. 


I'm thankful to be a Tommy Nelson Mommy, and thankful to be able to share some wonderful Christian training resources with you!  I received this resource in exchange for my honest review.  No compensation was received for this post.