Fun With LEGO Mini Figures - Create Your Own Mini Fig Printable



The LEGO obsession continues in our home.  

I've written about LEGO organization and now I'm working on some LEGO printable activities.  Thank goodness for my LEGO Pinterest board, where I can keep all the wonderful ideas I find organized! 

In our homeschool co-op this semester I am teaching a LEGO class to twelve second and third grade children.   What fun we are having!   

This week is going to be "Mini-Fig Week".   They will each be receiving their very own Series 5 minifigure and we will also be playing a game with our minifigures.  In addition, I will give them this handy dandy Create Your Own Mini-Fig printable to color.

My daughter had the GREAT idea of laminating this and then the kids can create mini-figs over and over with dry-erase markers.   Very smart.   


There are so many fun things to do with LEGO Mini Figures:

  • Keep a bucket of nothing but Mini Figure parts handy and let your child build while you read aloud... it's amazing the Medieval Knights, Railroad Workers, Samuraii, and other historical characters they will create! 
  • Use the printable I have made for you and let your child create their own mini figure.  Then, write a story about this character.
  • Create dramas with mini figures.   
  • Get a copy of the LEGO Ideas Book and your child will be busy for a lifetime!  
  • Download a simple Stop Motion app for the iPad or iPod Touch and let your child experiment with this. Then, watch this video (made by a young man in our local homeschool group!  Talk about inspiration!)

 Please enjoy this Create Your Own Mini Figure Printable  I've made.  Special thanks go out to Dutch Micro Figures for allowing me to use and modify this image for your personal use.  


I don't see the LEGO phase waning any time soon, and I'm so glad.   I have never seen a toy that is more fun, educational, and thought provoking.   

Do you live with a LEGO maniac?   What's their favorite thing to do with LEGOS?