Create a History Notebook for CC Cycle 3

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 is just so wonderful and rich.

Have you seen our geography table and notebook?

Now it's time for the history memory work notebook and additional resources.

I have learned so much in the five years we have been in Classical Conversations: the biggest lesson was to KEEP IT SIMPLE. The memory work is enough. Make sure the grammar pieces are being memorized and provide a few low stress ways for children to expand upon the memory work if they have time.


Read TONS of good books.

(and then if you have time, read MORE good books!)

How to create a history notebook to supplement the memory work in CC Cycle 3 - book list, videos, and other suggestions included

The best way to show how we have organized for this cycle in the past (because now my children are all Foundations graduates and are moving through Challenge) is through my YouTube channel.  Please take a minute to subscribe to the channel, and check out the Classical Conversations Organization play list. 

Please note: This plan is not a substitute for participating in the weekly community meetings at Classical Conversations and following the Foundations Guide. 

Create a History Notebook

Supplies needed: 

  • 3 ring notebook (I buy in bulk!) and LOTS of page protectors
  • History Highlights (on CC Connected ) from user SchoolCorner - actually called "Printable History Highlights for C3) - a brief synopsis of each week's history memory work. 
  • Reading List - suggested books to correlate with each week (please note: these are books in my library that we have read in past years... I am sure there are more extensive lists out there, but this is my personal short list.  There are many great chapter books in the list (choose just a few and dive into them -- and several good pictures books and books to strew around the house to generate interest in your children).


Download the Reading List for Weeks 1-12


  • Notebooking Pages - Using my treasury membership to Notebooking Pages, I have gone through each week and printed corresponding notebooking pages. I used the search function in Notebooking Pages and found a page for nearly every week of the memory work. The few weeks that did not have a notebooking page, I simply printed blank notebooking pages (which are also in the treasury). I love the creativity and flexibility notebooking nurtures in my children!
Notebooking Pages Free Resources

Supplemental Resources for History Memory Work

In addition to my Foundations guide, we will just use a few resources to supplement the history memory work.

  • Classical Acts & Facts History Cards - There is no substitute for these beautiful cards from Classical Conversations. I keep mine in a small 3 ring binder, with each card in its own sheet protector. This is quite an investment, but well worth it in my opinion. 
  • Kingfisher History Encyclopedia - I want my child to learn how to research on his own. This encyclopedia is full of accurate, beautifully presented information.
  • Good Books!  (See the downloadable list above)
  • Liberty's Kids - an engaging set of history videos from PBS kids. Let's face it: sometimes we just need to know our children are learning and putting in a DVD gives us a break! We've also found that the information in these episodes STICKS!  
  • America: The Story of Us - a more sophisticated set of videos that is great for older children and parents... you can order the DVD set or watch on Amazon Prime. 

 Of course, I'm always on the lookout for resources -- I'm pinning just a few good ones I find. Are you following me on Pinterest?

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I hope the additional YouTube video proves helpful for you. Please remember: this is simply my way of approaching the memory work. It is not the RIGHT way. I am one mom doing what works best for her child. 


Christopher Columbus: Famous Explorer (Graphic Biographies)Pedro's Journal: A Voyage with Christopher Columbus, August 3, 1492-February 14, 1493A Lion to Guard UsCaptain John Smith. . . If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620Squanto, Friend Of The PilgrimsThe Thanksgiving StoryPocahontas and the Strangers (Scholastic Biography)Who's That Stepping on Plymouth Rock?The Witch of Blackbird PondThe Sign of the BeaverJohnny TremainWHY DONT YOU GET A HORSE, SAM ADAMS? (PAPERBACK) 1996 PUFFINThe Matchlock GunCan't You Make Them Behave, King George?If You Lived At The Time Of The American RevolutionAnd Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (Paperstar)Where Was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May?American Adventures: True Stories from America's Past, 1770-1870Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?John Adams, Brave PatriotShh! We're Writing the ConstitutionToliver's SecretMeet George Washington (Landmark Books)Who Was George Washington?George Washington's BreakfastPhoebe the SpyLewis & Clarke ExpeditionLewis and Clark and Transportation for a New Nation (Chester the Crab's Comix With Content)The Star-Spangled Banner (Reading Rainbow Books)Sackets Harbor Powder Monkey: The War of 1812Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag (Childhood of Famous Americans)A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32To Preserve the Union: Causes and Effects of the Missouri Compromise (Cause and Effect)Who Was Harriet Tubman?Amos Fortune, Free Man (Newbery Library, Puffin)The Drinking GourdHarriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground RailroadThe Cabin Faced WestBound for OregonLife on the Oregon Trail (Picture the Past)My America: Westward To Home: Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary, Book OneA My America: A Perfect Place: Joshua's Oregon Trail Diary, Book TwoWho Was Abraham Lincoln?Abe Lincoln Grows UpAcross Five AprilsWhat Was the Battle of Gettysburg?Who Was Ulysses S. Grant?Who Was Robert E. Lee?Shades of Gray


Tell me your approach to the history memory work.

I love that, as CC parents, we can all learn from each other. 


Create a History Notebook for CC Cycle 3:  Readings and additional resources for weeks 1-12