Homegrown Learners Recommends...

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite products and services. 

I will NEVER recommend something to you that we do not use and love ourselves. 

All of the affiliates I promote are something I believe in... from living books to notebooking; from art to cataloging recipes.   They are relationships that developed over time and experience; more importantly they developed because of the benefit I saw for my children.  

I hope you know (or will take the time to learn about) about each of these recommendations. You'll find some wonderful ways to enrich your homeschool and your life!


Pick and Draw 



Oh how we LOVE this fun cartooning card game (not to mention the creator, Rich Davis, is a really cool guy!). I wrote a review of Pick and Draw for The Curriculum Choice if you'd like to know more.  All I can say is this:  BEST $10 to spend on your homeschool!  

Heritage History


These living history books ready-made for your Kindle, tablet, or e-reader are top-notch.  We have been using many of the stories in conjunction with our history curriculum, The Story of the World.   Use the discount code MARYHOME at checkout to receive a discount! 

Notebooking Pages


We use Notebooking Pages for all of our notebooking.   The variety of notebooking pages is amazing, from famous people in history to musicians, to complete state notebooking studies and timelines.   You just have to browse the site to believe how much work the creator, Debra Reed, has put into these sets.   The year membership is well worth its weight in gold.  I PROMISE.  


Plan To Eat


If you follow Homegrown Learners on Facebook and/or Twitter you know I am always sharing my Plan to Eat recipes.   Plan To Eat is essentially a way to catalog your favorite recipes, share those recipes with your friends, and (this is my favorite part) automatically print your shopping list!   Read all about how I use Plan To Eat in The Best $5 I Spend Each Month.   

You can even try Plan To Eat for one month free - no credit card information required.  If you try it or are a member, let me know and we can share recipes!

*The cool thing about this company is that a homeschool dad is the founder.  

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


Do you use any of these products or services?  

What is your favorite tool for homeschooling/managing your home?   I'd love to know!