Life is Short ~ Collage Friday

After last week I was TIRED.   We had been going for eight solid weeks without a break.    

Our curriculum this year is challenging.  Couple that with  teaching piano lessons part time and  blogging (not to mention other volunteer commitments) and I have run myself ragged.

We have committed to activities for the kids that are worthy... things like children's chorus and baseball and co-op.  It, however, was just getting to be TOO MUCH.   

I gave myself permission to take a break, and that is what we did this week.   LIFE IS SHORT.   I don't want to live it frazzled and checking off boxes, but rather relaxed and enjoying the little moments of every day.

I love the picture of these deer in my front yard.  They have been here all week.   They are so majestic and peaceful.   Maybe they were placed in my yard this week to teach me something. SLOW DOWN.  

Another thing that hit me over the head this week was time spent with my son during my daughter's group theory piano lesson.   In January of this year  a precious 6 year old girl in our community died.  She was friends with my son.  They had gone to preschool together for four years.  My son always joked that he was going to marry her.  She was also homeschooled and I had many conversations with her mom about what homeschooling her older boys was like.  This little girl died in a tragic accident.    Her older brother is in this group piano class with my daughter.

During the class my son and I played ball the entire time.  It was hot but my little guy was having so much fun.  We laughed and had a wonderful time.   I cherished that time with him.  I knew that my friend who lost her little girl would have done ANYTHING to have that time with her little girl - to be playing with HER during that group piano class.    It was a reminder to me that life is precious.  We need to take the time with our children to enjoy them and enjoy the little moments.  I could have been checking email, reading a magazine, or attending the weekly #hsbloggers Twitter chat.  (Don't get me wrong, I love a good Twitter chat, but when I have a sweet boy asking me to play ball, I can tell you which I'd rather do!)  

Life is short.   Live it well.  

This week was much more relaxed.   We did continue math and read aloud A LOT.   My son played A LOT.  We spent more time with friends, took a field trip and slept in a couple mornings.  It was a week of a lot of interest led learning.  Anna is re-reading The Chronicles of Narnia and crafting a lot.  Grant is researching anything and everything LEGO related.  

It was a GOOD WEEK.

We took a field trip Monday to a natural history museum. Some friends from our co-op went with us... it was a chance to get to know them better, be silly, and just enjoy each other's company.   I'm so thankful my friend asked me to go!   The children did all kinds of hands-on science activities. My friend and I got to talk about things like taming our busy schedules and keeping the house clean.   I'm thankful for friends.

I had the rare opportunity to spend an afternoon with just Anna.  Grant had a birthday party with a friend, so Anna invited a friend of hers to spend the afternoon with us.  Aren't they cute?   They wanted to take a happy picture and then a serious, "old-timey" picture.

We went to eat Mexican and also shopped and packed a box for Operation Christmas Child.    The girls and I had a great talk about the need to help others, and also the importance of denying ourselves some things so that we would have more to help others, too.   We packed a box for a girl their age.   We found a cute t-shirt, bracelets, barrettes, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, and an Etch A Sketch.  

My children don't know the meaning of POVERTY.   They lead a comfortable life and I want them to know the joy that comes from giving generously to others.   Operation Christmas Child is just one way to do that.  

I'm proud to be a blogger for Samaritan's Purse!  If you are packing shoeboxes, please join our Operation Christmas Child link-up!  


We will be leaving on our trip to Colorado and Wyoming in just a week!    We spent a lot of time reading aloud and learning about the Transcontinental Railorad and the Oregon Trail this week.    

I will be attending the Lutheran Churches in Mission for Christ annual gathering for a couple of days while we are there.  I am excited to learn more about our national church body and hopefully learn lots to share with our congreagation here in Georgia.  

Right now I'm trying to expose the kids to a lot of information about the two states, as well as a couple of good read alouds:

Do you remember playing Oregon Trail when you were a kid?  I do!   Now they make an iPad app and also a Wii Game.  The Wii Game is actually pretty challenging, so I think we are devoting a large chunk of Friday to learning to play. (This is my Favorite Resource This Week.)   A friend at church also gave us a wall map of The Oregon Trail.  

After a lot of reading aloud this week and talk of the Oregon Trail, Grant came to me one afternoon with a LEGO Conestoga Wagon -- oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE LEGO bricks!  It even included a secret compartment for a "Possibles Bag"!   

Speaking of LEGO... I created a printable Create Your Own Mini Figure this week -- it has seemed to strike a chord with a lot of LEGO lovers out there.  Download it here.  

Blog Happenings This Week:




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