5 Black Friday Deals for Homeschoolers


You won't find me running through the stores on Black Friday.

I don't like shopping AT ALL, but especially not when everyone else is in a crazed frenzy to get a good deal at 5 a.m.. 

The deals I like to snag are from the comfort of my living room - online deals that will benefit our homeschool activities and the productivity of our household.

These five deals are worth it. 

Trust me.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Notebooking Pages

 My children have been using Notebooking Pages for three years. Currently we are notebooking our way through Classical Conversations. 

It is safe to say we use our membershp on a DAILY basis. 

Whatever your homeschooling method, notebooking can work for your children. I promise. 

Save $25 on memberships during Black Friday-Cyber Monday!


Volumes 1 and 2 are complete and you can purchase them for just $4.50 each this Black Friday - Cyber Monday.

If you are in need of a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE music appreciation curriculum for preschoolers-middle grades, this is for you! 

Visit the SQUILT site to find out more, and use code BFRIDAY at checkout to receive the discount.

*By the way - the Nutcracker Unit Study is also 50% off - use code BFRIDAY at checkout.

Plan to Eat

I've always sharing recipes from my Plan to Eat.

This is the way I catalog all of my recipes, create my menus and generate shopping lists. 

Plan to Eat is the single most important productivity tool I use in my home. Hands down.

Save 50% on a year membership -- and pay only $19.99 for one year of goodness!  

When you join you can be my friend (I'm user marymakesmusic) and we can share recipes! 



All online classes with Craftsy are on sale for $19.99 or less through 12/2!

These classes are great for homeschoolers and include:

  • sewing
  • cooking
  • art
  • photography
  • knitting
  • cake decorating
  • .... and more!

LEGO® Education/Amazon

Watch Amazon very closely all day Friday for great deals. 

In the past week I've seen awesome prices on microscopes, cameras, toys, books, and so much more. 

The holiday toy list is something you want to keep your eyes on over the next three weeks!

I love to purchase LEGO products via Amazon, so click through the widget to see if anything is on sale. It just might be!   

This widget shows our favorite LEGO products. I cannot guarantee any sales - you just have to hunt for them.



Several LEGO® Education products are already on sale. Certain items from LEGO® Education don't ever seem to go "on sale", but some basic things like minifigures and basic brick sets are deeply discounted on Amazon. Again, click through the widget to see what you can find. 

{Note: This post was finished 11/28/13 - I cannot guarantee prices as I'm not Amazon!}

I hope these Black Friday deals are beneficial to you. 

Most of all, I pray you have had time to enjoy friends, family, and have taken time to give abundant thanks for ALL we have. That's what this week is really all about, isn't it?