Christmas Goodies for Home Grown Learners



I know funds are limited during the holidays and you need to make your pennies COUNT. 

Hopefully, I can help with that. 

I also know our kids want fun Christmas activities, and moms need EASY activities of a high quality.

I think I can help with that, too! 

I'm bringing you a list of giveaways, discounted items, and freebies. 

Please browse through the entire list - I know you'll find something you can use!

*This post contains affiliate links. 

40 Days of Christmas

Today and tomorrow you will have a final chance to win so many prizes in the iHomeschool Network's 40 Days of Christmas event! 

There are 40+ prizes in this event, and all of the giveaways are open today and tomorrow! 


  • The Stocking Stuffer from iHN Bloggers (day 39) is live: a $400 prize. Winner can choose $400 in Paypal cash or a $400 Amazon gift card. 
  • The Grand Prize opens on 12/13 (day 40 - Friday). Winner receives a copy of everything from all 39 days, including $400 in Paypal cash or a $400 Amazon gift card

Have you entered? 

Notebooking Pages Christmas Specials

Notebooking Pages are used each and every week in our homeschool. It is one of those resources that just makes homeschooling interesting and fun for my kids. 

We have been able to notebook through every style of homeschooling (unschooling, interest led, classical) and at all ages. It's a very versatile resource. 


 Notebooking is the perfect way to keep a "homeschool scrapbook", and if you need to keep portfolios for your children, this is an excellent way to document their work.

Take advantage of this special from Notebooking Pages

5 Days of Christmas Carols

Have you taken advantage of this FREE unit study I created? 

It is designed to make learning about Christmas carols simple, meaningful and fun. It's the perfect activity for those lazy December days! 

The Nutcracker Unit Study

Another way to make December learning meaningful is to expose your children to The Nutcracker. In this unit study I give links, printables, activity suggestions, and much more. It's designed to be SIMPLE for all involved. You don't even need to purchase a book or DVD - it's all there for you.

This study is appropriate for all ages - preschool to middle grades.

My friend, Lara, has even created some FREE PRINTABLES for the preschool group to go along with the study! 


Let's switch gears now.

A cell phone is a big decision, and sometimes an expensive one. 

We recently made the decision to purchase a cell phone for our daughter, but we didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. We didn't want a contract.

Most important of all, we wanted CONTROL over the phone. 

ZACT  is great for so many reasons. (If you want to know them all, read my review of our ZACT phone.)


From now until Christmas you can purchase a ZACT phone for just $99. Our plan never runs more than $10-$12 per month, so you do the math. It makes financial sense. 

*You also receive a free 4 month starter plan from ZACT!

ZACT is working with Disney to offer phones with special Disney content. 

If you know of someone (these phones are also great for cost concious adults and seniors) that is in the market for a cell phone, ZACT is a wonderful option. 


Free LEGO Minifig Christmas Writing Prompts

Get your LEGO lover writing with a set of 10 free Minifig writing prompts

{While you're at it, check out the entire LEGO learning area here at Homegrown Learners - everything on the page is FREE!}

Speaking of LEGOS....

A Very Merry LEGO Christmas Giveaway

Don't miss this giveaway that ends next Wednesday.

I'm giving away $140 worth of LEGO goodness from three different companies.


Now -- go choose some deals and freebies and enter some giveaways! 

December 25 will be here before you know it!