Ten Little Things (Not About Homeschooling) That Make My Day


Would you believe there are things that interest me other than homeschooling?  


I want to share with you 10 little things that make my day... maybe these things will help you to get know the face behind the blog a little bit better.

Maybe some of them will surprise you.

Remember, you just can't put homeschoolers in a box... more on that later this week!

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1. I love my Donut Shop coffee in the morning - especially if my husband brings it to me before I even get out of bed. That totally makes my day!  

2. I am automatically in a great mood if there is no humidity. Stick with me here - I have very curly hair, and on low humidity days I can straighten my hair and it stays straight.  {I know it's shallow, but going through my day with cute straight hair just makes life better.}

3. Listening to 80s music alone in the car very loudly makes my day, too. My favorite song of all time is A Perfect Way by Scritti Politti - oh, and anything by A HA, Phil Collins, or (I apologize) Michael Jackson is right up there, too.

4. Eating mushrooms makes my day happy, as well. I have always loved mushrooms. When I was living on my own after graduating from college most nights I would eat sauteed mushrooms and rice for dinner. Weird, right? 

5. A day spent relaxing by the pool with a great book is pretty close to perfect. This past weekend I spent a lot of time by the pool reading The Light Between Oceans - what an awesome book! 


6. Texting makes my day. Let me explain before you think I'm really shallow. I have a good friend who I text with often. Her insight into life's daily events challenges me and gives me much needed perspective. We encourage each other, complain to each other, and pray for each other. 

7. Those lines after vacuuming give me a huge thrill. Isn't that sad? I just love lines on the carpet. They symbolize order, peace, and structure. 

8. Listening to my daughter play me a concert makes my day. She is getting to be such a great piano player and I love it when she goes into the piano room and just PLAYS. 

9. Going to Sam's Club alone with my husband is a huge treat. There is just something about strategizing our week together as we roll through the warehouse that I love. Last weekend I got especially lucky because he took me for coffee afterwards! 


10. Picking weeds makes my day. I think this one goes along with the lines on the carpet. I feel great seeing a task that needs to be done, then doing it and seeing VISIBLE EVIDENCE of its completion. Picking weeds is just awesome! 

I hope I've given you a little more more insight into what makes me tick.  I hope you aren't disappointed... especially with the Michael Jackson part. 

What little things make YOUR day?

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