Music For Memorial Day



Music can be used to teach about and commemorate many holidays.

Memorial Day is no exception.

One of my favorite pieces for Memorial Day is Hymn to the Fallen by John Williams.  

It is IMPERATIVE to teach our children about Memorial Day - and its significance. It isn't National Cookout Day. It is a day to remember all those who have served so bravely - and a day to remember those who have paid the ultimate price.

In our home we talk often about members of our family that have served our country. We talk about grandfathers that served during The Korean War. 

We fly our American flag proudly and are sure to thank everyone we know that has served our country.

My brother, a retired Navy chaplain, wrote a book several years ago, No Atheists in Foxholes. It is a book of prayers and reflections from his time as the chaplain at Camp David and his experience in Iraq as a chaplain in a shock and trauma and mortuary unit.

It is a difficult book to read - as are all stories of war. 

In our generation, however, I believe we may be teaching our children to shy away from the difficult. We may be teaching them  this weekend is all about a day off of work, or lots of pool time. 

If you do nothing else with your children, please sit them down and have them watch this video. I found it very moving.

This piece was originally written for the movie, "Saving Private Ryan", and it is such a beautiful way to help us remember all of the fallen.  



What does Memorial Day mean to you?  What special activities does your family take part in to remember this day?