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I have had the great privilege of getting to know the Pak family over the past few months.

Are you familiar with their family company, Homeschool in the Woods? If not, you SHOULD BE! 

If you love lapbooking, hands on projects, and spending quality time with your children to create a gorgeous finished product, then you must keep reading! 

We will be using their Project Passport: The Middle Ages to come alongside Classical Conversations this coming year. You know that I, however, had to check out what they had to offer for MUSIC.

Of course I was using SQUILT with my children for music appreciation, but I also wanted a resource that would let them go deeper to create a comprehensive music lapbook.

*One note:  This is a labor intensive resource. My oldest daughter (11) LOVES this. She takes her time with her colored pencils, the cutting, folding, and placing of all the materials.  When she is done she will have  a work of ART!  The creator of the art work, Amy Pak, has spent countless hours on the illustrations and many details. You need to devote the time necessary to do this project justice. And when you do - it is WORTH IT. 

If you want to dive DEEP into composers, the orchestra, periods of music, and vocabulary, you will love the Composers Pak.   I'd love to share this resource with you today and also give away a digital download of the product!

The Composers Pak Components 

Periods of Music

This is a sweet little mini book about the time periods of music.  

My plan to is keep this music lapbook accessible to my children as we progress through history, so they can see the music that matches the time period. 


Keyboard Vocabulary

Did you notice in the first image of this post the awesome keyboard vocabulary flap lapbook element? It is beautifully done and includes the most prevalent music terms our children should be familiar with to appreciate good music. 

Composers Collections and Timeline

There are 42 composers included that fit onto a timeline to be included in your child's lapbook. I think this is my favorite element of the lapbook! 

This is a snippet of the timeline - it does go all the way up through Modern Times.


Pieces with a Purpose

These lapbook elements highlight different types of music -- for example, hymns, opera, etc... We are currently working on this part of the lapbook. 

*Each of these lapbook sections comes with detailed instructions for assembly and a materials list as well. As I said before, it is labor intensive, but such a valuable hands on project for your children.


Music Appreciation

 29 pieces are included in .mp3 format for your listening enjoyement. After listening, your children can fill out basic form (Interesting facts about the piece) and record what they imagine while they listen to the piece, too.

The Orchestra

Your children will learn be able to cut out all of the instruments of the orchestra and place them in the correct seating arrangement in their lapbook.



I wonder how many kids in today's world could do that?

Composers Cards

There are 20 cards, each with a composer and matching famous works. They can be used to play memory matching games and as flash cards for drilling about composers. I love these!

 I need to make a confession to you. We have not finished the lapbook yet... since we are on a summer hiatus, we will pick back up with this in the fall. I have all of the completed pieces saved in ziploc bags, and I imagine you will see the finished product in August.


You can see the BEAUTIFUL finished product at Homeschool in The Woods. 

I hope you have been able to see what a marvelous product this is for studying music IN DEPTH in your homeschool.

Perhaps you want to make just one year your music year. Vow that you will teach your children about composers, the orchestra, how to listen to music, and different periods of music. 

Or, maybe you want to have this resource as a running project that comes alongside the time period in history you are studying.

There are so many possibilities, and I am just thankful to the Pak Family for pouring their hearts into all of their products. I hope you take the time to browse through Homeshcool in the Woods and see what they have to offer.

One lucky reader today will win a digital download of The Composers Pak which includes everything I have shown you in this post. All of the masters, directions, and photos are provided - you must provide your own lapbooking supplies.

The digital download is a $18.95 value.

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