Cultivating a Child's Heart for Music


It's all well and good to have the resources for teaching your children about music appreciation, but does that really cultivate a LOVE of music in their hearts?

I know that in my own life, music was always valued and present in my family's life. I grew up hearing music, making music, and appreciating music. I am forever grateful to my parents for this gift. 

In fact, when the SQUILT curriculum was released on Monday I sent my mom and dad a link to the site with a note that said, "Thank you for all of the lessons, concerts, and sacrifices you made for me. It has paid off." 

Wouldn't you love to receive a note like that from your child 30 years from now? I know I would.

What then, are some PRACTICAL ways we can cultivate our child's heart for a love of music? 

I have some suggestions.

No Music "Twaddle"

Just as Charlotte Mason warned us about twaddle in literature, I believe there is twaddle in music, too.

Please don't let your children have a steady diet of pop music.  

Only expose them to the best of the best. Our children are in our care during their most IMPRESSIONABLE years. I have seen firsthand how exposing children to the best music makes them crave MORE.

{I can understand a little pop music here and there, but in our house the rule generall goes something like this, "If you feel like God is glorified through this music, then it's worthy for your ears." That's not to say my kids don't know some secular music - they do, but they listen sparingly and I always give my two cents!}

You - THE PARENT - Need to Listen to Beautiful Music 

If you want your children to LOVE beautiful music, then you must learn about and love beautiful music, too.

It really isn't that hard.

In fact, I think you'll find classical music brings about an order and peace that is hard to find in our fast paced world.

Listen to the Pandora Classical station.

Familiarize yourself with the best pieces of all time. Purchase a recording (such as The Greatest Classical Masterpieces) and get to know the pieces well. Research the stories and the composers and talk to your children about them.

Music is a VERY interesting subject, and composers were (and are) some colorful characters. 

My children's favorite book that has some wacky stories about composers is The Lives of The Musicians:  Good Times, Bad Times, and What the Neighbors Thought.  It makes for a great read-aloud!


Listen All The Time and Everywhere

We listen in the car and at home - basically whenever we get the chance.

I have the most simple setup and I love it!

We subscribe to Spotify and can stream almost any piece of music. It's very nice to have that at our disposal. Since Spotify is an app on my iPhone and computer, I can then play that music easily.

I have an iHome speaker system that I can move to any room in the house. (notice this speaker system is less than $20!)


Music is a Gift From God

I believe that listening to great music helps us draw closer to God.

It is an act of worship. 

I talk about how a certain piece of music draws me closer to God - and I'm hoping that my children will draw closer to HIM through one of His greatest gifts to us: music.

I believe that listening to, making, and creating music brings us closer to God - or at least it is the best way for some people to draw closer to God. 

For me (and my rich musical upbringing in the Lutheran church), music and God go hand in hand. 


I hope this coming school year you find time to cultivate your child's heart for music. 

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