Who I Blog For


I have come to love blogging. 

Not only is it something I enjoy, but it is a way for me to grow - both professionally and personally.

Now that Homegrown Learners has been around for almost four years, I have learned a lot of valuable blogging lessons. 

My mission here is to equip, inspire, and encourage homeschoolers - I particularly have a heart for those parents who are thinking about removing their children from traditional schools and homeschooling them. 

If I don't blog smart, I will not have readers. Readers are key to my mission. YOU are part of my mission! 

*This post contains affiliate links.

I'm happy to be guest posting today at Homeschool Blogging about ways bloggers unintentionally lose their readers.  I hope you can pop over and read my post, along with many other wonderful posts about homeschool blogging.


If you share my passion for writing, I also wanted to share a deal with you -- this week's eBook Bundle of the Week is all about writing!

It features books by Sarah Mae, Jeff Goins, and others.  Are you wanting to start a blog, write an eBook, or realize some other dream that has to do with writing? This bundle is for you!

All of these books are just $7.40.


Are you a blogger? A writer?

Do you have dreams of writing? Or, have you realized a writing dream?

I'd love to hear from you!