Collage Friday - Music Camp


Greetings from music camp!

This week we've been leaving our house at 7:15 each morning, driving an hour to downtown Atlanta, spending a full day at music camp, and arriving home around 5:30.

We're tired, happy, and considerably more musical!

The kids have spent their days is choir, handbells, music history class, art, games, performances, and much more. The culmination is a performance this afternoon (Friday) of a pirate musical.

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I've spent the week teaching a "Music Explorers" class.  We've used lots of SQUILT and Notebooking Pages to learn about three composers and three pieces that have a water theme. We have also learned all about the symphony orchestra using some materials from Homeschool in the Woods.

I've also boned up on my accompanying skills and will be playing for the musical. {sigh} Seven songs going through multiple key changes has kept my brain busy this week. 

Tomorrow morning I am SLEEPING IN! 


A peek at the week:

  • Using Notebooking Pages to learn about Handel, Debussy, and Saint-Saens. 
  • Reading a great storybook about Handel.
  • Several live performances by a percussionist, string quartet, pipe organist and a professional hula dancer!
  • Making fold out orchestras from Homeschool in the Woods.
  • A trip to the Legacy Fountains at Piedmont Park.
  • Riding the entire week in style reviewing the new 2014 Kia Sorento (I LOVE this car.).

Before bed each night I've been reading Start, by Jon Acuff. It's making me think quite a bit - I highly recommend this book to you!


I wish I could write more, but I have some piano practice, laundry, and other household chores calling me.  

OH -- it's also my 16th anniversary today. I love spending it in the same church we were married in. We'll have dinner out with the kids after music camp, and find time next week to do something special just the two of us.

I love my husband so very much, and I am blessed to have had the past 16 years with him!

I hope you caught the happenings on the blog this week:


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