10 Random Things on My Mind


So often I think about things I would like to write on the blog, but can't form one whole clear post about that idea.

This week's Top Ten linkup is perfect for me: Ten Random Things on My Mind.

Here goes the ultimate brain dump. Maybe some of these things are on your mind, too.

1. I can't wait to finish my laundry closet make over. It's not going to be anything huge or elaborate , but I think a few colored bins, some cute pictures and maybe some paint will make me very happy. I've been pinning all kinds of home organization stuff on this Pinterest board to save my ideas. My house has a laundry closet - not a laundry room - but after reading my friend Rachel's post about doing laundry in Haiti I am NOT going to complain.

2. I need to get cracking on SQUILT Volume 2. I was so happy to finish Volume 1 that I took a break from writing the curriculum, and I must get to work again. I hope to have Volume 2 finished by the end of August. 

3. I really don't like Facebook. I'm not sure why I say this, but I'm feeling the need to just keep up my blog FB page and that's it.  {It's funny I say this because I am pretty active on FB, but I am feeling a huge need to take a personal step back.}

4. My life has been changed this past year through two very brave people.  My friend Justin was hit by a drunk driver in Trinidad and is a quadriplegic. He is determined to make a full recovery and has started his own blog. Please go read and comment.  Also, my friend Sandra's husband is fighting Stage 4 Melanoma. The faith and endurance I have seen in this family is God inspired and amazing. 

5. I will always miss my days as an elementary school teacher. Last week at music camp I had so much fun teaching so many little ones. No matter what I do I always seem to come back to teaching and how happy it makes me.

How could you not love this funny crew of kids? (left to right: Grant and his best bud, a neighbor friend of ours who we have known since he was just a littel guy, a very special camper who always steals my heart, Anna, and I. There were 30 campers total - this is just a fraction of them. 


6. I'm getting restless. We haven't been out of town since March when we went to the Great Homeschool Convention. Next week we'll be going to North Carolina for the week, thank goodness! Several days in the mountains away from our regular routine is just what we're all needing. 

7. I love Quinoa. How's that for random? I recently tried this super food and loved it. I have made Strawberry Spinach Quinoa salad twice in two weeks and will probably make it again this week, too!

8. My girl is growing up. She will be 12 next week and this past year has been full of so many changes. At first I was sad to say goodbye to the little girl I knew, but I love this big girl, too! She always has her nose in a book or is always creating something (see the paper chains in the picture!). She also just got her first cell phone - thank you ZACT for a phone that has lots of parent controls and is the perfect solution for a preteen!

I snapped this picture of a pile of her things on the sofa - it used to be an American Girl doll and a stuffed animal. My how times have changed. 


 9. This summer I have enjoyed just being MOM and not TEACHER. We haven't broken out anything school related since the end of May and it feels very good. I am connecting with my kids (especially my oldest) on a "mom level" and not worrying about anything else. 

10. I adore this online space. I don't want to sound too gushy, but I have come to admire and respect the readers of this blog. What started as a simple place to journal our days has turned into something so much bigger. Today I will be having coffee with a first time homeschool mom who reached out to me after reading the blog (upon the recommendation of a mutual friend). I love making personal connections and talking about home education. 

Are there any random things on your mind? Care to share?

I'm joining other bloggers from the iHomeschool Network for the 10 in 10 blog hop