Snap Circuits in Your Homeschool - On Sale Now!


We have recently acquired two sets of Snap Circuits.

Where oh where has this awesome invention been my entire life?

I remember reading on blogs about the fun kids were having with Snap Circuits. I thought about getting a set one day - but really, did I need to get them?  Didn't we have enough homeschool stuff around here already?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Snap Circuits may just be one of those things that every homeschooling family should have.

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These are going to be an integral part of our science studies this year! 

Currently Amazon is having a HUGE SALE... so if you're looking for resources for your homeschool this year, I would snag Snap Circuits NOW.  (You know, I'm not normally a "deal blogger", but this was too good to pass up!)

Currently, they are on sale at Amazon - for GREAT prices - nearly 50% off in some cases.  Explore a little and see if you don't find something that fits your budget and needs for this coming year! 


Do you have Snap Circuits?  Tell me about your experience with them!