Collage Friday - Accomplishments and Interests

After last week's hectic music camp schedule we all needed this week to do just what our hearts desired.

For me, I had some projects that needed tackling, and I wanted the kids to have some precious time to be bored and creative.

I'm happy to say that it's been a wonderful week.

Next week we will be on vacation, and when we get back I can already feel the school year creeping in upon us {which is actually a good thing because I think we've missed schoolwork}.

I have A LOT of big topics swirling in my brain and would love to have a week to do nothing but write blog posts. The top thoughts are about tweens/teens and social media, and also teaching our children how to be happy with little instead of much. 

Big topics, I know, but I'm feeling led to speak my mind on these things. 

But, I digress. 

On to our week...

Projects for Mom

This week I wanted to get a handle on some of the books that are running rampant in our house and also embark upon a little laundry area makeover.

I am proud to say I accomplished both tasks.


The laundry area in my house is just as you come in from the garage - in a hallway that leads to the kitchen. It isn't technically a laundry room, it's a closet. 

For years I've wanted to get at that dumb closet and just never had the time. 

This week I took off the pesky doors and added more shelving, pictures, and storage baskets.

Having the doors off really opens up the area and also eliminates a traffic problem with the door to the garage. 

The area isn't as fancy now as some of the rooms I've seen on Pinterest, but I'm happy with it and it makes me slightly happier about doing laundry.

The book clutter is somewhat under control, too. I delivered a lot of books the kids had outgrown to a friend of mine and also organized shelves in the schoolroom and downstairs in our music room. 

 The Week of Baseball

In honor of the All Star Game this week, my husband and son spent a TON of time watching baseball, chatting baseball, throwing the baseball, and doing a baseball puzzle. 

My husband is one of the best dads I know. He also has one of the best dads I know.

When my husband was a little boy he collected baseball cards and I imagine he was just a mini Grant. Sunday afternoon my husband ceremoniously passed his baseball card collection down to my son.

That's HUGE. Grant was so excited!

Grant also made necklaces for he and his dad while they watched the All Star game this week.  The necklace (if you look carefully) has the abbreviations of the National League teams on one side, and the American League teams on the other. The center {"I Heart MO"} is in honor of the closing pitcher. I thought it was really clever.

I picked up this baseball puzzle at the bookstore and it is HARD. Funny how a good puzzle sucks everyone in, though, isn't it?

Paper and Clay

Anna's week was full of paper chains and Sculpey clay creations.

She also babysat one morning - can she really be getting big enough to do this?  I guess so. (sniff)

I look at her in the top picture and see my child that will be 12 next week. She has such a pronounced dimple (just like my husband's) - the day she was born the first thing the labor and delivery nurse said was, "Look at her dimple - it's just like her father's!".

That's my girl. I'm so proud of her and the compassionate, generous, and responsbile person she is becoming.

She has her preteen moments, but I'm learning to love her through them and bite my tongue a lot. 

We are going to the mountains for her birthday next week and she has invited a sweet friend to come with us. I'm looking forward to next week.


It's funny because Anna and I are very much alike, but very different at the same time.

We both love music, books, kids, and anything creative.

She is much more reserved than I am, though - I consider myself to be quite the extrovert, and she is definitely an introvert.

It's just fun to watch your children grow and change.

Connecting With Other Moms

This week I had three different opportunities to connect with homeschool moms.

One mom is brand new to homeschooling - she has one child - a seventh grader. We had coffee and chatted about lots of different things. I think I made a new friend and I hope she gained a little encouragement from me.

We went to lunch with a family from our Classical Conversations community that has children Anna and Grant's age. This mom reached out to me last year so our daughters could become friends. I'm so thankful for that and was happy to have the chance this week to connect further.

Finally, I was able to visit with my friend Lara and take her some of the kids' books we no longer use. I'm just a little bit ahead of Lara on this journey and it was fun to be around a baby and a toddler again. Lara also makes VERY good blueberry scones with icing!  

I think it would be impossible to homeschool without those friendships and connections. They are SO important.

Blog Updates

All of our curriculum for next year is now posted. Take a look if you missed the posts.

I also shared a huge Snap Circuits sale with you on Sunday that is STILL GOING ON.  Do you use Snap Circuits? We love them and this is a good deal! 

That's it for this week I will be on a much needed vacation. I will post Collage Friday and I do have a couple of guest posts going up that I will share with you. 

I hope you've had a great week! 

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