Braces and First Days of School - Collage Friday


We started school Wednesday.

I'd like to say it was a ceremonious day, but it wasn't.

It was a dreary, rainy day. Anna was still a bit sore and crabby from her braces going on Monday, and I had a massive headache.

I'm not calling it our official first day of school - I'm just saying now that we're "easing" into school and when Classical Conversations starts in a couple of weeks we'll have a big celebration.

What I do love, however, is that my children were happy to be back into a routine and we have accomplished a lot of schoolwork in just a few days this week.

I have a good idea of what our year might look like, and I've spent more time thinking about schedule, gathering resources, and wrapping my head around the fact that I have a full fledged middle grades child. {This takes some adjusting to - can you relate?}

A New (to us) Library

After our first day of learning on Wednesday we visited a library just down the street from where our Classical Conversations community will meet. 

You would have thought we walked into a candy store. We spent over an hour just looking through books and getting to know where everything is. 

It struck me that our life is so much more relaxed than it used to be. Here it was 2:00 on a Wednesday afternoon and we were simply browsing the library and then going to get yogurt afterwards.

There are moments when it just hits me that my children are living a life that is pretty wonderful. 



Back to the library:

Grant was most excited because they had a ton of Matt Christopher books. He loves all of the baseball books, and this library had them all organized so nicely. Grant checked out a Matt Christopher Baseball Jokes and Riddles book that is perfect for him! 

This and That

My goal this week was to get both kids going on their math programs, do some reading aloud, and just get somewhat in the groove again.

(Did you see my vlog about math this week? I am 100% sold on Saxon math.)

Anna has some homework that needs to be completed for her first day of Classical Conversations Challenge A. We looked at everything, organized her binders and supplies, and put forth a plan for the next two weeks.

I also wanted to just let the kids create, explore, and spend time with things that hold meaning for each of them. While we have a mostly Classical philosophy in our homeschool, there is a little part of me that will also love Charlotte Mason and another part of me that is a closet unschooler.


The Pictures (starting in the center and then moving clockwise from top left):

the downstairs homeschool area (also my music room) early morning first day of school

keeping records with Homeschool Minder - love this program!

Anna made loads of Sculpey creations

Geomaster is a great app - it gets played daily at our house

Grant was happy to see his Spelling Workout book again - another favorite here

Saxon 8/7 Lesson 1 using Saxon Teacher - a success!

Grant pulled out Pick and Draw and played a lot this week

Anna's Code of Conduct for Challenge A - lots of Bible verses and goals to look up and contemplate

Grant playing with his LEGO Storystarter set

"PE" was playing basketball one day

Grant reading The Catcher With the Glass Arm

organizing baseball cards - he's a bit fanatical about the alphabetical order of the cards

playing the Chimalong - love this little beginner instrument


I think Anna did pretty well with her braces.

She's a pretty tough kid and doesn't complain much. Between Advil and some of her favorite soft foods I think she was a trooper.

All of the public school kids were frantically scheduled in for appointments with the orthodontist the day Anna got her braces. The chit chat in the waiting room was all about orientations, the poor policies of public schools, and just a general angst about school starting.

I simply listened and was thankful to be rid of those worries.

I always feel this way when regular school starts - it's like a huge affirmation of our decision to homeschool once a year.


I made her favorite dinner Tuesday night - Crockpot Style Loaded Baked Potato Soup. This is such an easy meal and everyone in my family loves it. 

We also had ravioli, smoothies, and pancakes. 

SQUILT Volume 2: Classical Era 

My goal for this month is to finish SQUILT Volume 2: Classical Era. I've been trying out some lessons with the kids and finalizing everything in my mind.  

It can either be used alone, or can be a perfect follow up to Volume 1: Baroque Composers.

Have you used SQUILT in your homeschool?

I've designed this program to be EASY, effective, and affordable. My mission is to bring quality music to children and make it easy for parents with little or no musical knowledge to teach their children about that music, too.


Notebooking Sales Event

The Notebooking Pages sales event only lasts for one more week. You can receive a $15 discount on your membership and some other goodies, too. 

Notebooking Pages is one of our very favorite resources - a GOOD investment. 


That's all for this week. Next week is still relatively quiet - our last week before children's choir, piano, baseball, and Classical Conversations starts up again. We have a fun field trip planned and hopefully lots of swimming, too. 

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