Homeschooling in Times of Stress


Homeschooling in and of itself can sometimes be very stressful.

What happens, then, during those inevitable times in our lives, when major events (STRESSFUL events) strike? 

(I'm not speaking of the little, everyday stresses and annoyances we face - I'm talking about death, illness - life changing events that sometimes render us helpless.)

I've been very blessed since we have been homeschooling in that my children and family have been healthy and safe. The stresses in my life are minor:  

  • illness of/caring for an aging parent
  • job stress from downsizing and budget restraints
  • PUBERTY (need I say more?)
  • chronic pain

I know there are people who have faced and are facing much, much worse.

We know a homeschool family where the dad has Stage 4 Melanoma. Another where the mom was just diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. 

We've witnessed several homeschool families that suddenly find themselves without an income.

I've watched a family homeschool through the death of a child

I have wondered:

How would you pick yourself up and move on to continue homeschooling

How in the world do people do that?

I got a glimpse into the world of homeschooling in times of stress last January. 

I was blessed to able to spend three days at the BEECH Retreat in South Florida - a blogging conference that changed me in so many ways.

At this conference I spent time with Kendra Fletcher, of Preschoolers & Peace, and also Jen Dunlap, of Forever For Always No Matter What.

Kendra and I... 

My roomie - Jen...

These two ladies know what it's like to homeschool children with special needs, homeschool through tragic accidents, homeschool through adoptions, and much more.

I also had the chance to connect with Felice Gerwitz, who is the mastermind behind Mommy Jammies Night.

Next Tuesday evening, 9/10, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, you can have the chance to listen to Kendra speak about homeschooling during times of crisis and stress. She has an AMAZING story to share with you - full of huge GOD moments. 

Did I mention it's FREE?

My friend, Jen, has already given her talk earlier this year and if you visit the Mommy Jammies site you can find out how to hear all of the other speakers Felice has interviewed. 


Sometimes we just need some encouragement, and to know we're not ALONE in our struggles. I hope you can tune into Mommy Jammies Night for your dose of encouragement!

Have you homeschooled through a particularly stressful time? Care to tell me about it?