Simple Dice: Classical Conversations Memory Work Review Game



'Tis the season for reviewing the first semester of Foundations memory work. 

I don't prepare many elaborate review games. (If you've been reading here any amount of time you know we keep it simple with CC and believe the memory work is enough!) I also have a Challenge student, which takes up a big chunk of my time, so I like SIMPLE and EASY! 

Last year I would feel guilty about our lack of review games, but I've stopped being so hard on myself. And you know what? My son is doing JUST FINE and likes his review routine.

We listen to the memory work CD in our van. My son uses the CC Cycle 3 app each day. I will quiz him randomly at breakfast each morning.

Today, during our quiz time, there were dice on the table, and Grant and I came up with a little review game. It's nothing elaborate, but hopefully so simple that it will be quick and effective. 

We made a video for you!  


1. Roll 2 dice - whatever number that is rolled is the week you choose for review. (Example: roll an 11 and turn to Week 11 memory work.   If you are in the second 12 weeks of memory work you will have to multiply the answer by 2, so it would be Week 22 memory work.)

2. Now, roll 1 die - whatever number that is rolled is the SUBJECT you will review: 

  • 1 = History
  • 2= Geography
  • 3= Math
  • 4= English
  • 5= Science
  • 6= Latin

We've demonstrated these instructions in the above video, so be sure to watch!

*There's just one problem --- but it's not really a problem. You can technically never roll a 1 for the week. Grant decided that if you are playing on a table and one of the dice rolls off, then you need to review from week 1. I'm sure you can decide something else, too. It seems, however, that week 1 is always very cemented in our minds. 

{Of course, my math minded son asked me if we could calculate the PROBABLITY of rolling a certain week and subject, which is on the agenda for tomorrow's math lesson! Don't you love homeschooling?}

Are you reviewing the memory work right now? Do you have any favorite, simple games you use? Please share them with me! 

Be sure to visit the Classical Conversations page on the blog for more ideas and reflections on our journey through Classical Conversations!