Classical Conversations

This page features ideas for all cycles of Classical Conversations. Descriptions of many Challenge levels are also included. Free downloads to assist with memory work will be found here as well. 



The following posts are about our involvement in Classical Conversations.

I am in no way affiliated with Classical Conversations and have not been compensated to write these posts.

Each homeschooling method and organization has pros and cons, and we are learning to pull the GOOD out of everything we are involved in. While I would heartily recommend CC to a homeschooling family, I also respect the fact that we are all different and make different choices. 

I am careful not to 100% align ourselves with one method or program - I believe it's best to stay in your own lane when homeschooling. Classical Conversations has been good for a season for one of my children - and for another we'll see how it goes. 

This page is designed to encourage and support my fellow CC families! 

General Posts:


Notebooking and Classical Conversations: