All About Love {and Ice} - Collage Friday

I'm sure you heard about the "catastrophic" ice strom in the southeast this week.

Yes, just two weeks after thousands of motorists being stranded on our freeways and two days of snow, we endured several days of ice and major inconvenineces.

In fact, I am working on this post Wednesday (while we still have power). It's been on and off a bit and I just want to get this out so it's ready for Friday!

I'm hoping that I have power this evening, because I am speaking for the iHomeschool Studio online webinar.

So, this week's Collage Friday is short.  

A quick recap:

All About Love

Our Classical Conversations community was able to meet before the bad weather rolled in. We had a celebration of love and it was a great day!


One of the girl's in Grant's class gave him a Valentine that described him perfectly -- she nailed it with the "never dull" and "talkative"!

Grant made paper airplanes and wrote out John 3:16 on each one. I love my boy. He also did simple Veggie Tale Valentines with a little gift for everyone.

One little boy in our group did Hodgepodge's chalk pastel tree tutorial!  Didn't it turn out well?

We also enjoyed cake pops, cookies, pizza, and more.

Even the kids in Challenge exchanged Valentines... Anna received one that said, "You're more awesome than a second breakfast!"  I love "big kids".

My husband gave me an early Valentine gift and it's AWESOME. If you don't have Bluetooth in your vehicle, but would like it, this is just for you! BlueAnt is waaaaay cool.  

Posts, Deals, Etc...

LEGO Minifig Valentine Writing Prompts -- a FREE download 

Part 2 in the Homeschooling "Big Kids" series -- all about the Challenge program 

The Sharpies I recommended last week and this week on my FB page are stll on sale -- $11 is a great deal. Have you stocked up on yours? We love them for map tracing, art tutorials, and more.

We are on Winter Break right now, so the next week will be very light schooling. Local school kids have missed nearly TEN DAYS of school and are wondering how in the world they will make up those days. We don't have those worries - I'm so glad!

*Thursday evening UPDATE: We lost power briefly, but I enjoyed the ice days with my family and (quite honestly) just being a bit lazy. Daddy was home most of the week and we spent some time taking nature walks outside to inspect God's majesty in the ice. Hopefully next week will be more "normal" around here! 

How was your week?

I'm thankful for the chance to come to this place each Friday and read so many encouraging words from all of you, and then visit your blogs and read about your weeks, too. It's my favorite time of the week. 

I do hope you'll join me!  

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