Homeschooling With Classical Conversations - a Podcast


I'm happy today to share a special podcast with you!

My friend, Dr. Melanie Wilson, is the host of The Homeschool Sanity Show. She recently interviewed me and another veteran Classical Conversations mom to get our impressions of CC. 

We talk about the structure of CC, what CC looks like on a day to day basis in our homes, and also many of those details you've just always wanted to know about CC but were maybe too shy to ask about!

Grab a cup of coffee, lock yourself in a quiet room, and listen to Would Classical Conversations Be A Good Fit For Your Family?   I had so much fun doing this pocast, and I hope you enjoy listening!  


*For more information about Classical Conversations, you can read the page about our family's journey through Classical Conversations.  It's been quite an amazing one so far!