LEGO® Education in Your Homeschool


 LEGO® Education has enhanced our homeschool in untold ways.

My son actually sees most of life in LEGO bricks (if you have a child that is LEGO obsessed you know what I mean!). Our curriculum pieces from LEGO® Education have been such a blessing. 

LEGO Education in Your Homeschool

As you are thinking about curriculum for next year, I want to remind you that I have many reviews of LEGO® Education materials here on the blog. You can find appropriate age ranges, our impressions, and more. 

Better still, in this post I will share with you how WE USE LEGO® Education and also a very special deal on two of their products.

The biggest "complaint" I hear from people is that the products are expensive. Guess what?  I don't think they are expensive, I think they are an INVESTMENT that will last many, many years. The products from LEGO® Education grow with your children and are usable through all curriculuar areas (math, science, writing, reading, and so much more). 

I know many readers who have put them on a wishlist for the grandparents or have just saved up to buy them.

Language Arts and LEGO® Education

When people think of LEGO, Language Arts doesn't normally come to mind. 

LEGO® Education has two products, however, that can help you teach Language Arts in your homeschool. Read my reviews and see how we use them in our homeschool:

Telling Stories with StoryStarter 

Build Creativity & Imagination with BuildToExpress

LEGO® Education Savings

There is curently a  DEAL on the LEGO® Education StoryStarter and BuildToExpress sets through the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.

This is the lowest prices you will see this year, so if you are looking to purchase, do it now.   

The group buy will continue through the month of April -- please visit  the group buy site  to take advantage of the savings. 


LEGO Education Group Buy for Homeschoolers at the Homeschool Buyers Co-Op

Here are the specifics on the savings you will get:

Homeschool StoryStarter Pack 5003450

Retail: $237.95

HSBC Price: $213.95

10% Discount


Homeschool BuildToExpress Pack 5003481

Retail: $ 148.95

HSBC Price: $133.95

10% Discount

 *Amy, at Milk and Cookies, and I are the LEGO® Education Homeschool bloggers. It is our goal to let you know about the AWESOMENESS that is LEGO® Education and open the doors for some wonderful STEM learning opportunities for your homeschoolers! Visit Amy's blog to check out all of her LEGO® Education reviews and other LEGO goodness.

Other LEGO Resources

Please also check out the free LEGO resources I have available here on the blog.  There are printables, lesson ideas, coloring sheets, and more!

Free LEGO Printables


Happy LEGO Learning!!