Gearing Up For Cycle 3: CC June Blog Carvnival


Classical Conversations June 2014 Blog Carnival


Welcome to the first edition of the Classical Conversations Blog Carnival here at Homegrown Learners! I've been a bit nervous taking over this task from Brandy at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, but the new friends I have made through the carnival and the many wonderful blogs I have read far outweigh any fears or nervousness.

Our journey in Classical Conversations began last year, when my son entered Foundations and my daughter entered Challenge A. Our year was FABULOUS. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality of material my children learned and the caliber of friendships we have made in our community. Our entire family is also thinking much more deeply about education - thanks to the Classical approach to learning. 

Classical Conversations was an answer to prayer.  

To read all of the posts about CC here at Homegrown Learners, click on the image below.

 Most of the posts in this month's carnival are plans for Cycle 3 - many of them including free printables and resources. It's been such fun to peruse blogs and get ideas. Many of these blogs are new to me. 


One thing I so appreciated reading last month was The Freeing Thing About the Grammar Stage. I think I was working WAY TOO HARD when my kids were in this stage. Sometimes you need to be reminded that memory work really is enough! 

I also had the pleasure of getting to know Amy, from Six More Summers. Amy has a Challenge A daughter (well, she is headed into Challenge B now) just like me. She put into words what I could not about the blessing Challenge A has been:

How Classical Conversations Revolutionized Our Homeschool 

But, I digress... let's get on to the submissions themselves:

From Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood:

Of course you know Brandy is just a huge blessing to all of us. There's lots of goodness this month from her 

From The Cork Board:

  • 2014-15 Game Plan - If you like checklists and detailed plans, Melissa has a few downloads for you! 
  • US State Capitals Tour - you can add pictures from your home state here and use this site as a resource for touring the 50 states during Cycle 3. This will be a growing resource as the year continues. Cool idea!



From Simple Things: 

From Running with Team Hogan:


From Suzanne Shares:

*a note from Suzanne:

In both posts, I shared the major mistakes I made in year 1 as a Tutor and as a Parent, which led me to the point of burn out and exhaustion. Having just concluded Year 2, I shared how I made significant changes as a Tutor and as a Parent based on our Year 1 experience; these changes resulted in a more glorious year. Thanks be to God!

As I was trolling the internet for helpful posts, I came across some CC blog posts that I just wanted to share with you: 

Classical Conversations Writers Circle:

I hope you read the CC Writers Circle. I look forward to these thoughtful articles a few times each month:


A huge thank you to all of those bloggers who submitted articles. The next carnival will be published on or around July 1. Please see the blog carnival page for more details!