LEGO Minifig Summer Fun Writing Prompts - Free Download


Free LEGO Minifig Writing Prompt Download - Summer Fun

It's been too long since I've offered a free LEGO Minifig writing prompt download!

As my son has been happily absorbed in his LEGO bricks again this week, I was motivated to give him some writing prompts for summer. 

Because let's face it: Sometimes our children need motivation to write, and anything LEGO seems to motivate a lot of kids I know! 

This download contains 10 summer writing prompts and also a grammar rule (a learning "take away" if you will) that is impotant for children to master. Each prompt is followed by lined paper, and the end of the download includes a page of minifigs to cut and clor. 

Download the LEGO Minifig Summer Fun Writing Prompts


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