LEGO Minifig Summer Fun Writing Prompts

Don't you love the hot, lazy days of summer?  

In our house there is always a lot of LEGO building that occurs.  

We've witnessed the LEGO construction of a gigantic LEGO baseball field, beach scene, amusement park, and ice cream truck (to name just a few!). 

Let's harness that LEGO building and turn it into learning.  If you've been hanging out at Homegrown Learners for any amount of time, you will know that there is a HUGE area of LEGO activities to spark your child's interest.  (And if you're new here, well then just explore a bit but remember to come back here to download these summer writing prompts!)

LEGO® Minifig Summer Fun Writing Prompts

This download contains 10 summer writing prompts and also a grammar rule (a learning "take away" if you will) that is important for children to master. Each prompt is followed by lined paper, and the end of the download includes a page of minifigs to cut and color. 

You can use this throughout the entire summer, or you could even make one week of your summer LEGO WEEK - and include these writing prompts to sneak some learning into the mix! 

Don't forget your basic LEGO supplies (we're not fans of a lot of the themed sets around here - just some of the basic brick sets, doors, windows, wheels, minifigures, and baseplates are a great way to get your child creating. 

These are our favorite supplies: 


LEGO Classic Green Baseplate SupplementLEGO Classic Gray Baseplate 10701LEGO City Supplementary Straight & Crossroad 7280 Plates, Best ToysLEGO Classic Baseplate Bundle (3-Pack)The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your ImaginationLEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box 10698LEGO Classic Creative Supplement 10693LEGO Education Doors, Windows, and Roof Tiles SetLEGO Bricks & More LEGO® Doors & Windows 6117LEGO Education Wheels SetLEGO Education Community Minifigures SetLEGO Education Fairytale and Historic Minifigures SetLego Education Community Workers SetCommunity Minifigure Set for Role Play by LEGO Education


Talk to me about your LEGO® lover!  What is their favorite thing to build?


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