Relax! Encouragement for Parents in Classical Conversations/August 2014 Blog Carnival


Relax! Encouragement for Parents in Classical Conversations

 Before we begin with the business of the blog carnival, I wanted to take a moment to talk with the CC parents (specifically the Type A mamas -- you know who you are!).

Recently, in a Classical Conversations Facebook group there was a lot of talk about how discouraging Classical Conversations blogs are because there is "no way I could do all of that with my children." Speaking as a blogger, this was disheartening , but as I stepped back to really think about the commenter's heart I believe there are many things that contribute to this attitude.

If I can generalize, I think CC parents (moms in particular) have much in common:

  • They exhibit many type A tendencies (organization, detail and goal-oriented).
  • They are very knowledgeable.
  • They spend countless hours researching their children's education.
  • They expect excellence.
  • They are hard on themselves.
  • They are grace-filled Christians committed to raising mighty children for God's kingdom.

Last year, as a first year CC mom, I tried to do it all. By the sixth week on the first semester I threw in the towel and finally agreed that the memory work is enough!

Classical Conversations is a program that is designed to make our lives EASIER, not harder!  We can concentrate on LEARNING and INVESTIGATING with our children rather than coming up with many "activities" for them. It doesn't require fancy crafts, printables, or games.


It requires memory work and a commitment to a quality math and reading program. 


My strategy this year is to focus on the memory work and have my son (who will be in Foundations and Essentials this year) keep a very simple notebook for each subject in Foundations. That may not work for you. It may be something totally different, and that's ok!

(We need simple in Foundations because tackling Challenge B and Essentials will keep us extremely busy!)

Please don't feel that you have to use all of the suggestions in this blog carnival. Don't even feel you have to read every blog listed. Just pick a few things that work well for you and stick with them.

Children love SIMPLICITY. They love CONSISTENCY. They love to MEMORIZE.

I am convinced that if we do this, all will go smoothly.

So please -- don't stress!!!   RELAX and enjoy this magical time in your children's lives.

And... I want to share a secret with you: I haven't been reading a lot of blogs this summer. I need to stick with what I know and do that WELL. I have a few blogs that offer me encouragement and great ideas, but just because it is on the internet doesn't mean you have to do it with your children!! 

That being said... this month's carnival is full of encouragement and words of wisdom. These contributions are from bloggers who give tirelessly of themselves to bless CC families. If you read a post and it speaks to you, please leave a note of encouragement. You have no idea what that means!

I hope you find a few things in this edition that prove helpful to you!

(In the past I have spent much time seeking out articles online. Since my time is limited and because I don't want to overwhelm you with many links, I am only including articles that have been submitted to the carnival or articles that I came across while blog reading. 

If you are a CC blogger and wish to submit an article please follow the instructions on the carnival page.)

Gearing Up For Essentials

Resources, Scheduling, etc... 

Classical Conversations has an updated website that is much easier to navigate. Also, the search function in CC Connected is GREATLY improved. Hooray! One can easily get lost for several hours playing around in CC Connected - I know I have! 


There is very little out there about experience in the Challenge programs, but there are two posts that will be helpful to those of you with students entering Challenge A, and another with general Challenge information:

General Encouragement


(Image courtesy Hays Haus)


For the Dads

I adore this!  Marc Hays (a CC father) is writing a blog! Please spend some time exploring his site. I really like Hey CC Dads, Are You Ready For Cycle 3? . I wonder how many dads will pursue becoming a Memory Master after reading his words?  Thank you, Marc!


Are you ready for Cycle 3? Do you have a specific tip or resource that has helped you in your preparations?  Please feel free to share it in the comments below!