Notebooking Pages - Back to School Sales Event

For the next 10 days our very favorite homeschool resource will be discounted!

Notebooking Pages is a one stop site for all of the notebooking pages you will ever need in your homeschool.  No matter the homeschool method we have used, or the subject we wanted to notebook, Notebooking Pages has always proven to be an excellent resource.

*Disclaimer: We homeschool with Classical Conversations, but when we were more interest-led, eclectic homeschoolers we also used Notebooking Pages. I love that this product is so versatile and can fit the needs of ANY homeschooling family.

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With Notebooking Pages you can choose from thousands of pre-made pages, or you (or your children) can design them yourself using the Publisher Web App! The back to school event gives you $25 off your membership. 

That's a GOOD DEAL.

If you'd like to see how we notebook in our homeschool, please visit the following posts:

These videos will also give you insight on how Notebooking Pages work in our homeschool:



Do you notebook in your homeschool?  I'd love to hear about your experiences and favorite resources...