Homeschool Moms: Are We Equipped to Handle the Hard?



I've been wondering -- am I TRULY equipped to handle the hard things of life as they come? 

For example:  homeschooling a high schooler is a joy (but it's hard!)

You know what else is hard?

Being a mom who ENJOYS her children instead of just merely educating and caring for them. 

(and while we're at it - being a Godly wife is hard, too)

Homeschooling has been the altar I have sacrificed a lot of things upon. 

And that must end.

I've been wondering -- am I TRULY equipped to handle the hard things of life as they come? 


Yes, my children are receiving an excellent education. 

Yes, my husband is happy and healthy, too.

It all looks good from the outside, but MY inside has been slowly crumbling, and I'm taking steps to do something about that. 

I have been relentless about preserving time for ME: time to exercise, time to cook healthy meals, time to get enough rest, and time to fuel my creativity.

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It's important.

It's been said a mother is the thermostat of the home, and to that end I am striving to regulate and maintain myself much better than I have in the past. 

And let's face it - sometimes life gets hard. Our family saw that at the end of last year, with parents who were ill, a changing job, and all the ups and downs that parenting teens and pre-teens can bring.  We adjusted to a new schedule of dad traveling more - which leaves mom home without a steady person to help with carpool, bedtime, etc... 

Life is HARD, and as homeschool moms we need to be equipped to handle the hard with stamina and, more importantly, GRACE. 

Because guess what? Life is also so full of wonderful - and I want to see more of that this year! 

After my epiphany (which came around January 2), I resolved to make changes, and in just a few short weeks I have seen increased energy, patience, and JOY. 

Friends, I have had so much JOY in the past two weeks. 

(This is me - blowing a giant magnetic slime bubble!)

It's hard to put my finger on it (a lot of it is a God thing) - but I can pinpoint a few reasons for the change:

  • daily walks/exercise
  • no sugar and no more soda
  • starting each day with quiet Bible time
  • decent bed times
  • saying NO to demands on my time
  • drawing boundaries around my life (I read this book, which was a HUGE help!)
  • NO personal Facebook
  • LOWERING the homeschool bar/letting some things go


Healthy Changes in 2015  

 Walking nearly every day at YMCA has done wonders for my soul. 

I turn on some 80s dance music (don't judge) and walk 2 miles. Sometimes I'm alone, but other times one or both of my children is with me. 

It helps that my kids have activities at the YMCA, because then I can use the time while they are in sports for ME to get healthy.  WIN - WIN. 

Healthy eating has also pervaded our home! This week I've been doing the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. My sweet friend, Jen, has been coaching me through this and encouraging me via text each day.  My husband has even been texting me pictures of his black coffee (minus the creamer, which we both love!) to show his support.

Homeschool High School 

Truth be told, the though of homeschooling through high school has been intimidating to me.

This has robbed me of a lot of joy, but I've to let that fear go.

Thanks to being involed in the Classical Conversations Challenge program, I feel equipped for the next four years.

I took a couple of hours and read Transcripts Made Easy cover to cover. This book put my mind at ease and gave me a simple PLAN.

Just as I need time to nurture my creative side, so does my daughter.

I was wondering, however, how to do that within the structure of a rigorous classical education program.

The answer is perfectly simple:

The curriculum is not my master.

This semester we are making time for Anna to do things she loves. She loves music, and she loves children. She has told me she might want to me a music therapist one day.

I am giving her more time for practicing, and she is volunteering at the same preschool she attended (with the very same teachers she had!) one morning a week.

(How sweet and wonderful is that?) 

She's also getting The Doodle Crate, and I know it seems so simple - but just this montly craft crate (geared for tweens and teens) being delivered once a month is so exciting to her! 

Doodle Crate >>


We had a very honest conversation about her education, where I asked her if she would rather pursue more interest led studies. She told me that she loves interest led learning, but she feels like she needs ME to impose the structure right now or else she wouldn't be motivated. 

How very smart of her.

We decided that it is best to continue in the Challenge program, where she is indeed challenged and has peers to hold her accountable - and to supplement with things she loves.


I am also trying to let her take much more ownership in her education and I'm not going to sweat the small things.

It's so true, isn't it?  RELATIONSHIPS are more important than academics! 


So moms, I ask you: Are you equipped to handle the hard? 

It's something to think about, isn't it? 

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