5 Favorite Books for Christmas

One of the best things about December is the Christmas book basket. 

(It's right up there with the Little People Nativity and the LEGO Advent Calendar!)

I've spend MANY years reading Christmas books to my children, and it's interesting to see the ones they ask for year after year - even now that they are middle and high school.

Books build memories.

Books trigger feelings and emotions.

Beautiful books are a gift we can so easily share with our children.

And while we have many favorite Christmas books, I'm narrowing down the list to just 5 today... hopefully you will get some new ideas for your Christmas collection, too.

5 Favorite Books for Christmans

Our Favorite Christmas Books

GLORIA The Christmas Angel
By Scott A. Asalone, Mary Jo Scandin

This book has really stuck with my kids. I think it is because Gloria is a clumsy angel who plays a profound role in the proclaiming the Good News. 

There is something about Gloria we can all relate to -- and when my kids were little they related to her even more. 

The whimsical illustrations and simple yet sweet story make this book one of our all time favorites!

With the commercialization of Christmas -- and the emphasis on Santa Claus, this book was a great way for me to teach my children about Saint Nicholas. 

While the book is somewhat fictionalized, it is a great way to explain "Santa Claus" and it also focuses our children on Jesus Christ. 

(We also like to celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6 each year!)

We have many different versions of The Nutcracker, but this book is our very favorite. 

(Did you know I have written a Nutcracker Unit Study to help your children learn ALL ABOUT the ballet, story, music, and more?)

Little ones will be fascinated with all of the detail in this book, and it will be a treasure in your collection.

The sweet thing about this book is that the little boy in the story is pictured on each page... and children have such fun trying to locate him.  The illustrations are beautiful - and they match an equally beautiful story. 

If you're looking for a sacred Christmas story to share year after year, this is for you. 

Our family enjoys all of the books by Arnold Ytreeide. We've read aloud the books for Advent and Lent and have created wonderful memories in the process.

You will pull these out year after year, and I can't wait until MY children pull them out to read to THEIR children, too. 

I encourage you to create a Christmas book basket and keep it in a prominent spot in your home. 

Pull this basket out each year and watch the smiles on your children's faces as they remember their favorite books from previous years. 

5 Favorite Books for Christmas

You really will be giving your children an irreplaceable gift when you fill their lives with beautiful books! 

Do your children have a favorite Christmas book?  

Share it in the comments below! 


5 Favorite Books for Christmas