Create a Geography Table in Your Homeschool

When children are in the grammar stage (elementary years) they are ripe for memorizing facts and yearn for more.

Geography is the perfect subject to let them sink their teeth into.  There is just SO MUCH they can learn.

Being a part of Classical Conversations has brought to light the importance of geography. It has equipped me to organize facts about geography and assist my children in memorizing them. 

As is so often the case, I am merely facilitating their learning - and learning right along with them.

Create a Geography Table in your Homeschool

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As a part of Cycle 3, my Foundations student will be learning 24 geography facts - all of these related to the United States of America. He will learn all of the state capitals, mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, features, etc... 

This year, I want to facilitate an even deeper understanding of geography. I've set up a very simple geography table. (As you will see in the video at the end of the post, I simply repurposed a coffee table and put it in a sunny spot in our home.)

If I learned anything last year, it is that the memory work in CC is ENOUGH. First and foremost, I want my children to memorize the grammar of geography. My go to resource is ALWAYS the Foundations guide

*These resources are geared towards a study of US geography.


Supplies for a Geography Table

{These supplies are highlighted in the video below.}

Globe and/or Atlas

DK Atlas (recommended by Classical Conversations)


Small White Board

Tracing Paper

Notebook with LOTS of sheet protectors  (I made the cover for the notebook in my word processing program.)

Continental Blob Mapping Packet (LOVE this!)

Traceable Maps (various maps I choose from CC Connected)


Geography Coloring Book(s)

Smart About the 50 States

Notebooking Pages    (My membership to Notebooking Pages comes in handy for so many things... particularly geography!)

Daily Geography Routine 

This will be an independent activity for my son. I need this time at the beginning of the day to meet with my daughter and get her moving with her schoolwork. I antcipate 30 minutes will be spend at the geography table.

  • Copy the continental blob map on the white board
  • Draw the blob map from memory on the white board 
  • Trace that week's map from the folder
  • Work on a state coloring page or notebooking page corresponding to the memory work
  • Review previous maps (this way we will be more well prepared for Memory Master at the end of the year!)
  • Free reading/reference:  Use Smart About the 50 States

Here's a video to explain about the geography table in more details.  Enjoy!  

Is geography a subject in your homeschool?

 Do you study it on its own, or do you incorporate it into your history curriculum?  

I'd love to hear how everyone approaches geography!


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