Favorite Picture Books for Fall

My kids know when I go to the basement storage room I might not be back for a while.

I was searching for picture books to read to a class of little ones I teach each week. As predicted,  I fell down a rabbit hole - pulling out all of our favorite picture books from this time of year. 

It's like opening presents when I sit with those Rubbermaid storage tubs in my basement. 

Precious, precious presents. 

Make time to read to and with your kids and you will never ever regret it. 

It fits into the BIG PICTURE of homeschooling!

When I pulled out How to Bake an Apple and See the World - both of my children said (in unison), "Awwww. I remember that book!"    

As I showed them the Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever they immediately remembered grandma reading this book to them years ago. 

Cranberry Thanksgiving brought found memories of the sweet friend who had recommended that book to me as a young mom. 

We sat for a long time - my big kids and me - and just read those books together. Once again we created a memory.


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Favorite Picture Books for Fall

I am so glad I invested in these books so we can pull them out now to relive the memories. We always had a library for each season - when the fall decorations came out my kids knew the orange tub held all of the fall themed books. 

So, here's my list of favorite fall picture books - I hope you can enjoy a few with your little ones!

Over the years we have adopted the philosophy of "less is more" - as I look back I can see this was wise. A few things done well - a few books read year after year - it all adds up to childhood time well spent. 

Picture Books About Fall

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
By Julia Rawlinson
Because of an Acorn
By Lola M. Schaefer, Adam Schaefer
Hocus Pocus, It's Fall!
By Anne Sibley O'Brien

(We had to snap a picture of our ALL TIME favorites from the orange fall book tub -- it's so fun when your kids have shared memories through books! )

Picture Books About Leaves

The Falling Leaves
By Steve Metzger
Autumn's First Leaf
By Steve Metzger
Leaf Man
By Lois Ehlert
We're Going on a Leaf Hunt
By Steve Metzger
Leaf Jumpers
By Carole Gerber

Picture Books About Pumpkins & Apples

We recently went to North Georgia to pick apples. My 15 year old has such good memories from our row of How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World - we picked apples and have been making pies, cakes, applesauce, and more. 

A book can hold oh so many memories.  (And yes, we read that book when we got home!)

Favorite Picture Books for Fall
Pumpkin Moonshine
By Tasha Tudor
Pumpkin Soup
By Helen Cooper
Pumpkin Pumpkin
By Jeanne Titherington
The Apple Pie Tree
By Zoe Hall

Picture Books About Thankfulness & Thanksgiving

There are so many good books in this category -- again, just a few of the BEST because we believe less is more! 

The Thanksgiving Story
By Alice Dalgliesh
Thanks for Thanksgiving
By Julie Markes

What is your favorite picture book for this time of year?  I'd love to know! 

Favorite Fall Picture Books