Just an Ordinary Homeschool Week - Collage Friday 1.6

This week hasn't been anything out of the ordinary.

I am learning that there is beauty in the simple, ordinary moments of our lives. 

The kids have worked diligently all week long, but also have had time for things they enjoy and time to relax, too.

I've been saying for the past few weeks that I think 5th and 9th grade are going to be GOOD years in the record books. 

So -- here's an ORDINARY homeschool week. Maybe our ordinary can give you some comfort and a few ideas. 

Just an Ordinary Homeschool Week - collage Friday

I need to preface this Collage Friday post by saying it's been a week where I have been distracted.  My dad has been in the hospital (he was released earlier in the week to a transitional care center) and I have been on the phone a lot and just not always focused on school work.   

Homeschooling in itself is a GREAT distraction, though.  I imagine I would have worried a lot more about my dad had I not had my kiddos around all day. I'm thankful for a sense of purpose, and for hard working, self-sufficient children. 

Foundations (and then some)

We start in the same way:  MORNING BASKET

The morning basket gives structure to the day, and it ensures that no matter what, the memory work has been drilled, and we have included something of beauty in our day. 

Just an Ordinary Homeschool Week - Collage Friday
  • Grant has been very interested in art this year. He pulled out the chalk and oil pastels, the Art for Kids tutorials, and he just CREATED.  
  • Map tracing is done almost daily. We're keeping a collection of traced maps on the pantry door for review. 
  • This week's community day presentation will be about jellyfish (part of the science memory work this week). We read the Acts & Facts card, then used some of the science books we have for research. 
  • Baseball - and more baseball. My guy loves to pitch and play first base. He's a lefty and really good at these two positions! 

Challenge I (with some Essentials thrown in)

Anna is very independent with her work this year. 

She joins us for morning time, and then she is pretty much on her own for the rest of the day. I check in with her every now and then, but for the most part I am hands off for 9th grade. 

Just an Ordinary Week - Collage Friday
  • I read some of the reading assignment aloud this week to Anna - so I could gain an understanding and have a conversation with her. The Words Aptly Spoken American Documents is just SO GOOD.  We read an excerpt from Essays to do Good and then discussed. 
  • On Tuesday I sat in on her morning of Challenge I classes. The most fun part was reviewing terms in physical science. Her tutor has a super fun buzzer system the kids use. I've never seen that much laughing from a group of teenagers!
  • Because Anna jumped straight into CC in Challenge A, she missed Essentials. This year she sits with Grant and I when we diagram sentences and review grammar definitions. It has made a huge difference for her in Latin. Honestly, I believe that ANYONE can benefit from Essentials. It's just so awesome! 
  • Her first tennis match was last Saturday. Let's just say I was very proud of her and the entire team. She's been playing tennis several times a week and is determined to improve and conquer the game. 

There will be NO Collage Friday next week.

My family and I will be enjoying a much needed vacation. I will be turning off the phone, laptop, and trying to rest and recharge. 

We've been going SOLID for the past year - in that time both of my parents and my husband's father have been hospitalized (multiple times). My husband has started a new job with traveling and the adjustment of working from home. 

Life has thrown us curve ball after curve ball, and we just need some time to catch our breaths. 

I will leave the link up open for TWO WEEKS if you'd like to come back here next week and link up your new Collage Friday post. I love that all of you are a community and visit each other's blogs. You have formed friendships, gained ideas, and offered support. 

Collage Friday is a great community of homeschooling mamas! 

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