St. Patrick's Day BINGO

St. Patrick's Day is a great holiday to celebrate with your kids.

We've talked about the TRUE story behind St. Patrick's Day and also 3 simple activities to help your children celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

(And of course you HAVE to read a St. Patrick's Day story - this is my kids' favorite!)

Now - let's wrap it all up with a fun game! 

St. Patrick's Day BINGO - free download

St. Patrick's Day BINGO Download

What child doesn't love to play BINGO?

Whether you want to use this in a classroom, co-op, or you homeschool, this would be a fun activity for March 17th! 

Use lucky pennies as BINGO markers (or maybe green candies of some sort), and this is sure to be a simple, engaging activity for children.

This download includes 6 different player cards and 24 calling cards.



Add Notebooking to ANY Activity:

A simple way to learn more about any subject is to research and notebook. 

Our favorite resource is Notebooking Pages - the pages for St. Patrick are beautiful. Try them today! 

St Patrick's Day Notebooking