STEAM Activities for Kids

Have you have heard all the rage about STEAM?

It includes all of the elements of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) with a nice little addition, art.  

This recently new phenomenon is of particular interest to me because of my STEM loving boy (Have you SEEN all of the LEGO activities we have done in our house?) - but he also adores art. And, by including art into STEM topics we are giving children a way to connect with subjects that they might not enjoy as much.   

STEAM Activities for Kids

STEAM Activities for Kids

I hope this list provides a great place for you to get started with STEAM Activities for your kids... pick one or two and then go from there.

Incorporating these into your children's lives will be MUCH fun - and MUCH learning, too.

Designing Robots: Use Qixels  to help kids design their very own robot decoration. This STEAM activity helps kids create using their own imagination with very little help. For more STEM robot fun, you will want to check out our LEGO® Education WeDo Robotics in Your Homeschool post where you will learn how to build robots with LEGO®. 

How to Flip a Rainbow: I love this STEAM activity because it is so simple. All you will need is a tall glass of water, paper, and markers. This will help kids learn how looking at objects from a different point of view always gives different results.

LEGO® Candy Math: Learning with LEGO® is so much fun. This activity helps kids learn about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions all with the help of two of our favorite things - LEGO® and candy. For more ideas on how to use LEGO® for learning, visit our LEGO® Learning Page. It is full of ideas. 

Compass Painting: With the use of a simple math compass and water paints kids can create a one of a kind masterpiece. Who knew you could turn a math instrument into an art tool? 

Math Art Mobius Strip: If you have kids that are enthralled with art but could care less about math, this is the perfect STEAM project for them. Watch their eyes light up as they discover the wonder of a Mobius strip. 

Playdough Engineering Kit for Kids: This is a great kit to put together because it can easily be taken along when you are out and about. It helps kids learn how to make familiar shapes as well as making their own shape creations come to life. 

Experiment with Watercolor Resist: Use different types of media to see how it reacts to watercolors. This is a great way to achieve different art effects. Kids can learn how to make different textures and patterns. 

Paper Plate Marble Maze: Building a marble maze can be a bit challenging. But the end result will only give kids the confidence to keep on building. For more marble fun consider adding the game Kerplunk and the book LEGO® Chain Reactions to your STEAM resources. 

Fun With LEGO Mini Figures - Create Your Own Mini Fig Printable: I like this STEAM idea because it is so easy. It gives kids the platform to create something of their very own, using their own ideas. Giving kids room to create allows them to explore, learn, and discover all while being hands on.


Following are products that will foster the hands on learning experience that comes with building.  


STEAM is a wonderful tool to use in a variety of subjects. It brings together the fascination with science, logic of math, and creativity of art. 

What are some of your favorite STEAM activities for kids?

STEAM Activities for Kids