Thanksgiving Matching Cards for Kids

No matter how old they are, children (and adults!) benefit from memory practice.

From a very practical standpoint, it is also good to have fun options for our children at this time of year. As holidays approach the likelihood of serious "school" diminishes (who's with me?).  It is wise to make games, books, and other engaging activities available to keep our kids learning during the holidays.

This memory game is SUPER cute and will provide your children with learning and fun during the Thanksgiving season. 

Thanksgiving Matching Cards for Kids

This free download includes 36 matching cards. The fall background (for the back of the cards) is also included. This is one convenient PDF file.

If you have a laminator you can laminate and keep them for years to come! 

As you can see -- they are SUPER SUPER cute!

(I also think this is a challenging set of memory cards, too)


Add some fun Thanksgiving picture books to a basket -- along with this matching game -- and you have some activities for your kiddos during this thankful season!

Thanksgiving Picture Books for Kids

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