This is Why We Homeschool

It is no secret I am a HUGE homeschooling advocate.

Our family decided to have the courage to be different eight years ago, and we have never looked back.

We just couldn't sacrifice our children for the ideal of public school. We abandoned public schooling and it has been one of the single best parenting decisions we have made. 

Friends, I am going to be honest and maybe even brutal with you today. 

I've been sitting back quietly, (at least here on my blog -- but if you know me you know I haven't been quiet in real life) watching the events of the past few months, and I want to share some thoughts with you today.

It is IMPERATIVE that we raise thinking, discerning children - citizens who will not blindly accept what others tell them, but who will listen and weigh what they are hearing against their own internal sense of truth - their own moral compass.

I have never been more convicted in our decision to homeschool than I have been recently. Parents...we are in a WAR against culture. We have to FIGHT for our kids' hearts and minds.

What we have witnessed in this generation is a large segment of young people whose truth shifts depending on the social media they see and what the mainstream media tells them it is.

I am optimistic for the future and ready to keep on fighting the good fight! I just heard the upcoming generation referred to as "the builders".

I sure hope so. I have had enough of the whiners!

This is Why We Homeschool - why it is important to fight for your kids

Why We Homeschool

We homeschool because we believe it is important for our children to be exposed to our family's values and traditions.

We homeschool because we believe in beautiful literature, music, and art.

We homeschool because we believe our children should have a chance to grapple with BIG ideas from BIG thinkers of the past and come to their own conclusions about BIG societal issues.

We homeschool because we believe the FAMILY should be a child's primary influence, not their peers or a government school.

We homeschool because we want our children to be PROPERLY socialized.

We homeschool because we believe all education is inspired by God and is for HIS glory. 

We homeschool because we have seen the village, and we don't want it raising our children. 

Why We Homeschool - It is important to FIGHT for our kids!

We homeschool because we want our children to see BOTH sides of an argument and evaluate them equally. 

We homeschool because we believe in giving our children a chance to be their own people - and to not always follow the crowd.

We homeschool because we want to cultivate compassion, quiet contemplation, and thoughtfulness for those around us.

We homeschool because the indoctrination in the public schools is rearing its ugly head and we want NO PART OF IT.


Are you getting the point? 

We homeschool because we are fighting for our kids hearts and minds. 

It's important - so very important.

It is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do as a parent. 

The Courage to Homeschool

I know homeschooling can be intimidating. I know it can be a financial and emotional challenge.

I have been there with all of this.

And remember, I am a former public school educator, with a Masters Degree in Education - I used to BELIEVE in public schools. (I also acknowledge there are some children who ONLY have the public schools as their only choice... this is something that needs to change, too!)

I want to encourage you in this journey - have courage - have faith - have resolve! Homeschooling is THE hardest job I have ever had, but now that my children are middle and high school I am seeing astounding results - the kind of results that allow me to sit back and smile at the young people in front of me. 

Why I Homeschool: Fighting for Our Kids Hearts and Minds

I've had to FIGHT for my kids. Homeschooling requires a personal sacrifice of time, money, and in some cases relationships with those who aren't supportive. 

Many times I have to fight for opportunities for my children because they aren't part of the mainstream school environment. 

These fights are IMPORTANT.  They are WORTHWHILE.  They MEAN SOMETHING.

We have to fight for the hearts and minds of our kids, because if we don't win, our CULTURE will.

I believe you CAN homeschool --> and if you need a shot in the arm or just a push in general, might I suggest my free book, You Can Homeschool: Encouragement for the Journey. 

Resources for Homeschooling

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Now more than ever we are at a crossroads in our history.

Do we raise children who have the strength and courage to stand up and articulate their beliefs, or do we raise children whose beliefs shift as quickly as they can Tweet them out? 


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This is Why We Homeschool: Why it is important to fight for your kids