Tin Whistle Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips for the Tin Whistle - Free Printable & Video Included



The Tin Whistle is a wonderful little instrument we can utilize to teach children the beginnings of note reading and the grammar of music.

I hear so many groans from tutors and parents, however, when week 7 (the dreaded start of the tin whistle) rolls around. 

With my background as an elementary music teacher I am here to offer help and support!  

I taught MANY years of recorders and tin whistles and have a few  tips that can help you get started. 

(I even LIKE the tin whistle!) 

I believe it all boils down to a few simple rules, techniques, and a little bit of motivation.

Learning about the tin whistle can be FUN, ENGAGING, and doesn't have to require a bottle of Advil to make it through the "music" our little ones will be producing! 

Watch the video below to learn a few songs I've come up with to help teach children the GRAMMAR of the tin whistle. 

I've also created a 10 Commandments of the Tin Whistle as a lighthearted way to help with classroom management and make some of the tin whistle concepts fun. 

Download your FREE 10 Commandments of the Tin Whistle

To learn more about the grammar of music, please visit SQUILT Music Appreciation. It teaches your children (and YOU) in a fun, memorable way.  I know you'll love it! 

And, if you're wondering how it coincides with Classical Conversations -- check out Using SQUILT With Classical Conversations