Learn About Mythology (Collage Friday 1.8)

One of my favorite perks of homeschooling is that our children can have an interest, and we can let them RUN WITH IT!

I've seen my children through many interests...the most recent being mythology. 

Today's Collage Friday will be all about the resources we're using, and how I'm trying to keep it SIMPLE, while letting my son lead me down the mythology path. 

Learn About Mythology

D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths

Learn About Mythology

I purchased this book last summer because I knew we would be touching on Greek mythology in CC Cycle 1. 

As Grant leafed through it, he became more interested - and asked me if we could start reading it aloud.  (I love it when a book is your CHILD'S idea!)

This book would be perfect for a read aloud, but we are also using the study guide from Memoria Press. I love that this incorporates vocabulary, comprehension, and references to mythology in the modern world. 

Grant really LOVES sinking his teeth into this challenging curriculum

He also uses Quizlet with the book.  

Have you heard of Quizlet?  It's only the most awesome online flashcard tool that is known to man. Both of my kids LOVE it!

He enters all of the vocabulary and characters from mythology in a Quizlet set. (We have Quizlet Plus, so he can record himself with the correct pronunciations - fun!)

Learn About Mythology

Next semester we will read through D'Aulaire's Book of Norse Mythology.  The books are just so well written and magnificently illustrated. They are a treat to read with my child. 

Rick Riordan and Mythology

I have a confession to make. 

I haven't read any of the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson books

(I did read all about them on the Percy Jackson site, though.)

Learn About Mythology

It came to me on good authority (from my 14 year old, who has read ALL of them) that Grant would enjoy them. Anna lovingly started Grant on the first series this summer and he has read all of the books now, too.

The thrilling thing about this is that these were the first BIG chapter books he actually was EXCITED about reading. He actually asked me to BUY him chapter books. 

This is HUGE. 

The books take you through Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. I feel they are appropriate for ages 8 and up. They seem to make mythology enjoyable, funny, and pertinent to modern day. 

Learn About Mythology

Why Mythology Matters

Mythology is a valid and worthy area of study.

It teaches our children stories of the past that are referenced so often in modern day life. 

Mythology also demonstrates that people have always had the need to explain things. It's very interesting to see how so many stories in mythology mirror stories in the Bible, and how we can draw comparisons and see differences and still know the Bible is TRUTH. 

On our vacation we saw the Allegory of Sarasota and the Statues of the 7 Virtues. All of this was so much more interesting - and understandable - because of our understanding of mythology. 

Learn About Mythology

Have you studied mythology in your homeschool?  I'd love to know if you can recommend any other resources for us! 


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