Classical Conversations: The Curriculum is Not Your Master


If I lay out all of the expectations for our second semester, it could lead to a small panic attack. Having a child in Foundations and Essentials and another in Challenge B is certainly a bit overwhelming (My hat is completely off to people who have more children than I do!). 

If there is one thing I have learned, however, it is that I have the FINAL SAY with all of my children's work, and that Classical Conversations acknowledges the PARENT is the teacher. Let me repeat that:


I am not a slave to the Classical Conversations curriculum. It is a beautiful way of educating my children - a curriculum that guides me and helps me focus on what is truly important. Like any curriculum, however, it is NOT my master. 

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A Peaceful December - Classical Conversations Review and the Dec. CC Blog Carnival


Add DECEMBER to the list of reasons why I adore Classical Conversations. 

We go down to the bare bones in December, so we can focus on Advent and being peaceful as a family.

It isn't always easy, because it seems there are a hundred and one demands on our time during this busy time of year. I don't want to look back on the month and regret wasted time and unwanted activities. I want to create memories for our family that are meaningful and fun.

Thankfully, school isn't a DEMAND in December - it's a fun something we carve out time for because we WANT TO.

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