Classical Conversations: Excellence Takes Time and Commitment


 I haven't written about Classical Conversations in several weeks. 

There is a GOOD REASON for my silence. 

My blogging time has been greatly reduced; it has been greatly reduced because we've been spending a large volume of  time on school work. This is a beautiful thing. I do not mind this one bit. In fact, I've welcomed this opportunity to grow our family in ways I never expected.

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Classical Conversations and Flexibility: October Blog Carnival


Many, many are the reasons our family cherishes our involvement in Classical Conversations. 

In the past year I have appreciated the academic soundness of the program, the beautiful friendships we have made in our community, and also the sense of focus and direction it has brought to our homeschool.

Now, however, I am adding one more reason: 

Classical Conversations can be FLEXIBLE.


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