Classical Conversations and Flexibility: October Blog Carnival


Many, many are the reasons our family cherishes our involvement in Classical Conversations. 

In the past year I have appreciated the academic soundness of the program, the beautiful friendships we have made in our community, and also the sense of focus and direction it has brought to our homeschool.

Now, however, I am adding one more reason: 

Classical Conversations can be FLEXIBLE.


Life has dealt our family some challenging moments this school year, but having Classical Conversations as our spine has saved me. 

For my youngest (a Foundations and Essential student), I know that the memory work is enough. Additionally, since this is our first year of Essentials, we are doing what we can, and I rest knowing he will have this again for two more years!

My Challenge student is on auto pilot.  Do you hear that?  Yes, moms.  This day will come!   

Last week was very rough in our house, but Anna knew what was expected of her (because she made the schedule and is accountable to her tutor and peers) and when I peeked in on her class last Tuesday she was presenting a well written science paper about Michael Faraday. 

{ It's so true -- when we make plans, God laughs.  I had just finished posting: Our Typical Homeschool Day - Scheduling Classical Conversations in our Home, when the bottom fell out of our schedule! }

So.... right now we need to scale back the work for a while and we CAN (although my daughter would prefer not - how awesome is that?).

I will stress again that you don't have to do everything you see on blogs. You don't have to replicate every pin on Pinterest. Just do what works for your homeschool and rest in the fact that the bare bones of Classical Conversations are ENOUGH. 

In fact, Brandy, at Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood thinks it's time for a REALITY CHECK

All of the links here in the carnival demonstrate that each blogger is at a different place with CC. Sometimes we can do a lot with it, sometimes we simply achieve the memory work. Whatever the case, I am confident  God always makes sure our precious children are getting just what they need!

With all this being said, here are the stupendous links for this month's carnival: 


Essentials Chart Mastery - I appreciated this - now that we are in Essentials.  Thanks, Brandy, for this nifty little chart! 

 Aurie, from Our Good Family, is new to the carnival.  I've known Aurie for a while, and it's fun to see her family in Classical Conversations, and her curriculum choices for this year. 

Becki, from Running With Team Hogan shares: 

US History Videos We Hope To Enjoy

Our Homeschool Week

Preparing a Memory Master -- Thank you, Becki -- I must admit I am still a bit fuzzy on the whole Memory Master thing, so this was a helpful post!



Allie, from 17th Street Blessings, has a post about how to make these fabulous Tin Whistle Cases. I've seen tin whistle sleeping bags and other things, but not these - I love them! 

Colleen, from Solagratia Mom, also shares fun activities and experiments she is doing in her CC homeschool: 

Skeletons and Pilgrims

Types of Tissue


Thanks to all who submitted articles for the October carnival. Read all of the past issues of the carnvial here at Homegrown Learners - and learn how you can submit an article, too.

And of course, please feel free to read about our Journey Through Classical Conversations - we're a little more than a year into Classical Conversations and loving it!