A Piece of Classical Music For Halloween

Imagine an underground world of trolls creeping up on a little boy. They are coming faster and faster, louder and louder.

(Spoiler alert, the little boy gets away - but just by the skin of his teeth!)

In The Hall of the Mountain King
, written by Edvard Grieg, is a perfect example of how one piece of music can draw a child in, capture their attention, and teach them so much in the process. This piece, through one simple rhythmic theme repeated over and over again (an ostinato), has long been a favorite of children and adults alike.

Through this ostinato Grieg created suspense and intrigue - and maybe even a little bit of fright! He also gifted us with a fabulous tool for teaching children valuable music vocabulary - pizzicato, arco, accelerando, crescendo, and staccato (to name a few).

Free Music Lesson for Halloween - In The Hall of the Mountain King

This is one of those "mainstream" pieces of music that many of us have heard, but few know the background of. It comes from the larger work, Peer Gynt Suite.

Edvard Grieg was a Scandinavian composer whose music reflected his love for his country. He wrote music in the Romantic Era. 

Using This Classical Music For Halloween

Simply download the lesson below and follow the scripted plans.  It's that EASY! 

When do we use these SQUILT lessons?

  • Morning Time

  • lunch time

  • a dedicated time in our homeschool for fine arts


The lesson is designed to introduce your children to the basics of the composer, his piece (In The Hall of the Mountain King), and to build their habit of attention for listening to great works of music. You'll find this is a stress free introduction to the world of Classical Music - and your children will naturally ask you for MORE.



More Classical Music For Your Homeschool


To download more lessons simply visit SQUILT Music, where you can download lessons by musical era, composer, and holiday.

SQUILT makes learning about music easy, fun, and affordable!  


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