The Gift of a Read Aloud

It has been a difficult week.

In times of stress, sadness, or uncertainty I always turn to books.

When my children were small and needed to be "diverted" to better behavior I would say:

"Let's pick a book to read!"

We've all needed a diversion this week, so I have one special book that I've been saving (I never knew why) for years and years.

There is something comforting about reading this book to my children, and having the memories of my own mother reading the same words to me over thirty years ago.

Reading aloud to your children is a GIFT.   Don't wait to give it to them. 

I am thankful to be able to share this gift with my children.  I'm  so thankful my children are safe and well, happy and learning.  

I'm thankful for friends who know just what you need, and for friends with wisdom so much greater than mine.

In the midst of a very hard week, God has pointed out the many blessings I have, and I am grateful.