Collage Friday - Time for Nothing and an Exciting Something


Summer is almost here. 

This week has been devoid of a SINGLE obligation. We have gone VERY lightly on the schoolwork and VERY heavily on the fun. 

I've also focused on an exciting something (more later!).

As I work on this collage I have an eight year old throwing the baseball with two friends in the front yard. I have an eleven year old listening to her music, decorating her room. My husband is mowing the lawn. 

For lunch today I met my dear friend, Hope, for a long lunch. We finally had a chance to catch up with each other's lives, talk homeschool curriculum, and deepen our friendship. Hope was an encouragement to me in my first months of homeschooling. I'm not sure what I would have done without her. 

There's something magical about these late spring/early summer days. 

I know all weeks can't be like this, which is what made me appreciate this week so much.

 The Concert I Almost Missed

Last Friday was Anna's spring choral concert. She has just finished her first full year singing with this group. She's been in the "training" group and recently auditioned for the Children's Chorus.

She got a letter this week stating she MADE IT into the Children's Chorus! Her dad and I are so proud of her.

Back to the concert... my husband took her for rehearsal before the concert. I stayed behind at home and picked up two of her closest friends and then we made our way to the concert. 

The concert was 45 minutes (with no traffic) from our home. We hopped on the freeway and were met with the above picture: traffic at a DEAD stand still. We didn't move for close to 30 minutes. People were standing on their cars, driving the opposite way on the freeway to get off, and doing all kinds of crazy things.

{Thank goodness Anna was already at the recital hall - and my husband and other family members were there, too.}

Here's the good news. We MADE IT. I ran (in heels) with two eleven year olds and an eight year old from the back of a parking lot into the concert hall. We took our seats right as they were flashing the lights. 

God is good.

The concert was BEAUTIFUL. My favorite piece they sang was Amovolovolo (this is YouTube link - not her choir singing it, but you can still hear the song). Her friends had fun watching her sing, and we all went out for dessert at Cracker Barrel afterwards. 

It was a great evening - despite the traffic!

Being a YES Mom

One of Grant's Sunday School teachers gave him a junior tool kit. It was such a sweet gift and Grant was dying to make something.

It really wasn't in my plan this week to do woodworking, but he asked me so nicely and was so excited.

Monday afternoon we went to Home Depot, purchased remnant wood pieces for $.51 each and the kids started hammering.

I am SO GLAD I said YES.

Grant made something he calls the "Water Can Toss". Essentially it's a game where you throw a ball through the triangle he made and knock over the water can.  I thought it was pretty clever.

He wants to set it up at the top of the driveway and charge people $.70 to play - "just like at a carnival". 

He even let Anna play with a "sibling discount" - he only charged her $.50. 

 Plenty of Time For Nothing

We went to the library and signed up for summer reading programs. Our library is small, friendly, and provides many good summer programs. Even I signed up for the summer reading challenge!

Here's what we're reading this week:

There has been PLENTY OF FREE TIME for everyone to relax, read, play, and enjoy themselves this week.

We met friends at the pool one day. While the kids all had a good time, I really enjoyed myself. My friend, Kim, is a Classical Conversations tutor and encouraged me last year to investigate CC. We had a lot to talk about while the kid swam.

It's nice having a personal guide to CC. I learned a lot from her and I'm even more excited to get started! 

Anna alternated between playing in the pool and reading in the sun. What a life!

And, of course there was a lot of LEGO building going on this week. I owe you all some more LEGO goodness, don't I?  


The Exciting Something


I'm Very excited about my SQUILT project. I hope you're familiar with the Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time lessons on the blog.

I will be coming out with my first eBook in just a couple of weeks - and hopefully you will find it a very helpful resource as you think about planning music appreciation for your children. 

Truth be told, this has been a labor of love. It has taken up almost every spare minute I've had. My children have given me input. Blogging friends are offering me advice and encouragement. My husband has been going the extra mile to help me have the TIME I have needed to write this curriculum.

I LOVE MUSIC. I LOVE CHILDREN. Every child deserves to be exposed to beautiful music and I want to help homeschool parents do that.

Stay tuned. The big launch happens in June! 

Odds and Ends

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What about YOU?  How was your week? Are you still doing school? Are you done? Are you taking time to relax and smell the roses? 

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